Easy Snowman Craft for Winter

Button Up Snowman Craft

The holiday’s have come & gone and yet another year has begun.  This year has started off with more snow than we have had in months and inspired us to think of a few Snowy Winter Crafts.  Here is a great “Lacing Snowman Craft” you can do with your kids or students on a snow day, as a weekend craft, or just for fun!  These Foam Snowman are sold pre-punched, ready to lace, & decorate.  We painted the face with nail polish, added Silver Cord, Snowflakes, and Buttons to ours.  However, you can be as creative as you like!  It’s like starting with a blank slate… except it’s a plain white snowman.  Create Snowman Magnets by adding  Large Thin Ceramic Magnet to the back.  Or add cord for hanging.  No matter how you decide to display these Snowman, they are sure to be a hit!

Easy Snowman CraftSupplies Needed:

Directions for Making Snowman:

1.  Cut 6 feet of Silver Elastic Cord.  Tie a large knot at one end of cord.  Begin lacing the snowman shape on the left side just under the arm.  Start from the back side of the snowman.  Create loops around the snowman by lacing up and under each pre-punched hole.  ***We chose Elastic Cord so that no needles would be required for this lacing activity making it perfect for all ages.  The elastic cord is strong and thick enough for kids to lace around the Snowman Shape easily without a needle.

lacing cord around snowman

2.  Once you have went all the way around and reached the top of the arm, begin looping the cord back around the snowman.  Basically, just do exactly what you did the first time around, just the other direction.  When you get back to where you originally started, pull the cord to the backside and tie both ends together in a knot.  Cut any excess cord.

Tie off cord after lacing

Here is what the front of the snowman will look like when you are done “double” lacing.

Easy Snowman Lacing Activity

3.  Attach peel & stick Wiggle Eyes over the holes.

Add Wiggle Eyes to Snowman Craft

4.  Paint the nose and smile with nail polish.  Allow to dry (about 15 minutes).  For a craft with no drying time needed, use Sharpie Markers instead of Nail Polish.  We used Nail Polish because it adds a “raised” look and dimension to the foam.  However, Sharpies will work for drawing the face too!

Add Snowman Face with Nail Polish

5.  While the nail polish is drying, attach the buttons to the snowflake shapes using Mini Glue Dots.

add buttons to snowflakes with glue dots

6.  Once nail polish is dry, attach 3) Snowflake Shapes to the center of the snowman.  You can also attach a Snowflake to each hand and one at the top of the hat using Mini Glue Dots.

Lacing Snowman Craft

7.  Now it’s time to make the scarf!  Cut a White Bump Chenille Stem so that it is 9″ long and has “3” bumps.  Place the center bump on the back of the snowman and twist the ends together on the front of the snowman.

Snowman... A great Winter Craft.

8.  For the final step, add either cord for hanging or attach a 3/4″ Thin Ceramic Magnet to the back for display on a refrigerator, locker, or filing cabinet.

Lacing a snowmanAdd magnet to back of snowman

This is a great Snow Day Craft.  Perfect for Sunday School, Classroom, or a Weekend Craft with Kids too!

Snowman & Snowflake Magnet

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