Heart Thumbprint Magnets... Perfect for kids to make and give as gifts!

Thumbprint Heart Magnets w/ Bottle Caps

Here is a simple gift for kids to make and give this Valentine’s Day, or any day for that matter:)  Using rubber stamp ink, make thumbprint (or fingerprint) hearts by pressing thumb onto ink and then onto a 1″ pre-punched circle in the form of a heart.  Add the circle to a Silver Bottle Cap, cover with a Clear Epoxy Sticker to secure, and attach a 1″ Adhesive Craft Magnet to the back for a quick and simple craft.  We can’t say there is no mess as you do have to get ink on your thumb or fingers but we can say there is no drying time required.  These Heart Magnets are perfect for kids to give relatives, teachers, and friends for Valentines!

Easy Thumbprint Heart Magnets for Kids to Make!

Homemade gifts are always the best and kids enjoy making things they can give to relatives.  Better yet, relatives love receiving gifts that are homemade.  So let’s get started on these easy Thumbprint Heart Magnets!

Start by punching cardstock (white or any light color pattern will work) with a 1″ circle punch.  Our favorite punch is the EK Tools easy punch (sold here).  It makes a perfect circle that is just the right size for the inside of the Chrome Bottle Caps.

Punch perfect 1" circles with the EK Tools Circle Punch

Once you have enough 1″ circles punched, begin by placing child’s thumb or finger on an ink pad.  It is best to experiment a few times on scrap paper before placing the thumbprint on the 1″ circle.  Then, once you have perfected making hearts with 2 thumbprints, press child’s thumb on the 1″ paper circle into the shape of a heart (see below).

Make easy thumbprint hearts into magnets with bottle caps!

Add the 1″ paper circles to the center of Chrome Bottle Caps.  Adhesive is not necessary at this point because we are going to cover the circles with a Clear Epoxy Sticker (sold here) and this will hold the paper in place inside the bottle cap as well as create a bubble like dome over the paper circle.

DIY: Thumbprint Heart Bottle Cap Magnets

Cover the paper circles with a Clear Epoxy Sticker.  Simply peel the Clear Epoxy Sticker from the paper backing and stick to the top of the Heart Thumbprint (inside the bottle cap).

Add clear epoxy stickers to the center of bottle capsFlip over the bottle caps and attach a 1″ Adhesive Craft Magnet.  Just peel and stick the magnet to the back of the Chrome Bottle Cap.  If you would like to use these magnets to hold additional items like photos or artwork, we recommend using a stronger magnet like the Large Thin Ceramic Magnets (FYI:  Ceramic Magnets do require adhesive).

Add 1" Adhesive Craft Magnets to Chrome Bottle Caps

There you have it!  Heart Thumbprint Bottle Cap Magnets that make perfect gift for kids to make and give~

Easy to Make Heart Thumbprint Magnets

Try adding a Heart Thumbprint to the center of a Large Foam Snowflake (sold here)!  You can do this with no mess or drying time with a Craft Glue Dot.  Then attach the magnet to the back of the snowflake shape!

DIY: Thumbprint Heart Snowflakes!

Here is a Shopping List for this Heart Craft:

  • Chrome Bottle Caps
  • 1″ Circle Punch
  • 1″ Clear Epoxy Stickers
  • 1″ Adhesive Craft Magnets
  • Assorted Color Ink Pads
  • Optional:  Large Snowflake Shapes

We would love to hear from you!  Post you comments or questions below~


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