twine wrapped candy canes

Twine Wrapped Candy Canes

Make these amazing Twine wrapped Candy Cane Ornaments in only minutes!  All you need is individually wrapped candy canes, twine, a few embellishments and this tutorial!  Fun to wrap, easy to make, and perfect for a “Country Themed” Christmas Tree.  Candy Cane Ornaments easily hook on tree branches and there is no mess or drying time necessary when you use Continuous Glue Lines.  Great for a family, group craft, or as a make and take Christmas Ornament for your next holiday event!

how to make candy cane ornamentsSupplies Needed:

Directions for Making Twine Wrapped Candy Cane Ornaments:

1.  Begin by attaching Continuous Glue Line to the plastic wrapped candy cane.   Place the Glue Line in the center on one side of the candy cane and then go around to the other side.  Make sure you attach glue line all the way around (including the top and bottom) of the candy cane.  This will allow you to cover the ends with twine so no part of the candy cane shows.

candy cane wrapped with continuous glue line

2.  Attach twine to the end of the candy cane and wrap upwards.  Make sure to secure the end of the twine to the adhesive at the bottom of the candy cane so the end is completely covered with twine.  If you would like, you can use a Low Temp Glue Gun to attach the twine to the end.

candy cane with twine3.  Continue wrapping the candy cane with twine until it is completely covered.  One regular size candy cane took a little over 9 feet of twine to complete.  Secure the end at the top and make sure there isn’t any part of the candy cane showing.

attach red velvet bow to candy cane ornament

4.  Now it’s time to add a few embellishments!  Easily add a Red Velvet Bow with the gold metallic chenille stem twist (already assembled on the bow).  No adhesive necessary.  Just twist the chenille stem around the candy cane.

candy cane ornament with twine and a bow

5.  For a different look, attach a large craft button with a Glue Dot instead of the velvet bow.  We threaded a little twine through the 4 button holes for a finished look.  Or attach a Small Foam Star with a Mini Button in the center to the candy cane with Glue Dots.

twine candy cane ornaments

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