Re-purpose Christmas Wreath into Valentine's Wreath with Glitter Hearts!

Christmas Wreath re-purposed for Valentine’s Day

Wreaths are expensive so why not re-purpose your Christmas Wreath into a Valentine’s Day Wreath?!?   All it takes is a few Glitter Hearts & Ribbon!  This is the perfect way to get more use out of your holiday wreath.  It’s so simple too.  Replace pine cones with a few hearts and add a bow made with heart ribbon.  Then simply re-hang on your door!

Re-Purpose Holiday Wreath! Remove Pine Cones and add Glitter Hearts for Valentine's Day!

Every year our holiday wreath is the last to come down.  Maybe it is because each year it is handmade by a local lady and her daughter who carefully wraps each pine bough and then attaches a few perfect pine cones and a big red velvet bow.  Or maybe it’s because it is given to us by someone special?  Maybe both…  The hardest thing for us has always been throwing away something that has a purpose…especially when it still looks good!  This year we thought of a way to keep our holiday wreath up a little longer…

Glitter Heart Wreath made from Christmas Wreath for continued use!

Our Christmas Wreath was looking a little a little out of place by February.  So we brought it inside and removed the pine cones and trimmed off any dried or yellowish pieces.

Remove the Pine Cones from Christmas Wreath and add hearts for Valentines!

Next we added 3) Large Glitter Hearts, made from craft foam (see our Glitter Heart post for instructions).  TIP:  First lay the hearts on the wreath before you glue them down.

Valentine Wreath...add Glitter Hearts

Once the Glitter Hearts are where you want them on the wreath, glue them directly to the wreath with E6000.

Valentine's Wreath - attach Glitter Hearts with E6000

Make a heart bow with wire ribbon simply by creating 5 loops and then twisting a small piece of floral wire around the bow to hold it together (you will also use the wire to attach the bow to the wreath).

Make a red glitter heart bow for Valentine's Day Wreath.

Using the floral wire attach the heart bow to the wreath under the red velvet bow.

Valentine's Day Wreath... Attach Heart Bow

Lastly, attach a few Large White Heart Shapes to the wreath with E6000.

Valentine's Wreath made from Christmas Wreath...Remove pine cones, add Glitter Hearts!

Allow the E6000 to dry for about 15 minutes and then re-hang your wreath on the door!

Re-purpose Christmas Wreath into Valentine's Wreath with Glitter Hearts!

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