Watermelon Foam Visor

Watermelon Visors

Watermelon Foam Visors

Make Hot Pink Watermelon Visors for your next Summer Picnic, 4th of July Party, or Kids Birthday Party.  Fun and easy to create.  Use Foamies Hot Pink Visors, Black Seed Stickers, Lime Green Felt, and a little Ribbon to create these fun Watermelon Hats that kids will want to keep and wear again!


Watermelon Foam Visor

Steps for Making Watermelon Visors:

1)  Remove Vinyl Coil from one side of Visor.  Lay Visor flat on Lime Green Felt Sheet.  Trace around visor with ink pen or pencil.  Move visor back about 5/8″ and trace again.

Visor on Felt Sheet

2)  Cut Lime Green Felt for brim of Visor.  This should just be a thin lining of Lime Green Felt for the edge of the Hot Pink Visor.

Cutting Lime Green Felt

3)  Hole Foam Visor for White Ribbon.  A regular paper hole punch will work on the craft foam visor.  Begin on one side and punch 2 holes next to each other.  Space is about 3/4″ between pairs of hole punches.

Hole Punching Visor for Ribbon

4)  Thread Ribbon through Plastic Needle.  Beginning at the back of the visor go from the top of the visor, then back out.  Leave about 3/4″ of ribbon on both sides.  Glue ribbon down on both sides underneath the visor brim.

White Ribbon in Needle

Adding Ribbon to Visor      Ribbon on Visor

5)  Attach Lime Green Felt to Visor with Multi Temp Glue Gun.

Adding Lime Green Felt to Visor

6)  Attach Black Watermelon Seed Stickers.  We cut some of the seeds for the top of the visor.  Try different directions with the seeds too!

Adding Watermelon Seed Stickers to Visor

More Ideas:

  • Use Foam for the Lime Green Brim
  • For younger children, cut White Felt/Foam for brim instead of Ribbon.
  • Use Red Visors instead of Hot Pink.
  • Cut a small bite out of the top of the visor!

Find these and other great craft supplies here:  www.inspire-create.com

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