how to organize ribbon

Wire Ribbon Storage Idea

This is the perfect way to organize wire ribbon and get rid of all those large half used ribbon spools!  Using “Foam Ribbon Rolls” we were able to eliminate the bulky cardboard spools and place ribbon in a small bin that will fit in a drawer or a small shelf.  Ribbon is now easy to see at a glance and takes up less space!

how to organize ribbon


Supplies Needed:

wire ribbon storage supplies


Directions for Organizing Wire Ribbon:

1)  Find the seam in the Foam Ribbon Roll and separate enough of the seam to place end of ribbon inside roll.  This will hold the end in place while you roll!

end of wire ribbon inside foam ribbon roll 2)  Begin to roll ribbon around foam roll.  If you are right handed, use your left hand as a guide and spin the foam roll with your right hand.  Switch if you are left handed.wire ribbon rolled onto foam roll

 3)  When finished rolling, secure end of ribbon with either a Corsage Pin or a 1/2″ Craft Glue Dot.

Corsage Pin:end of wire ribbon secured with corsage pin

Glue Dot:end of wire ribbon secured with Glue Dot

4)  Once the end of the ribbon is secured, cut Foam Ribbon Roll to the width of the ribbon.

cut foam ribbon roll to width of ribbon

5)  Place all rolled ribbon is small bin for a simple storage solution!  Works for all widths!

all wire ribbon in small white bin

Look how nice this bin fits in a small drawer!wire ribbon bin in drawerFind these and other great supplies at:  Craft Supplies for Less, Inc.

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