how to make curly ribbon in the oven

How to Make Ribbon into Curly Ribbon

This has to be one of our most inspiring craft ideas so far... How to Make Curly Ribbon!!!  Imagine the crafts you can create with this unique ribbon that is easily made with grosgrain ribbon and wood dowels.  Simply wrap ribbon around dowels and bake in the oven.  Allow to cool, remove dowel, and it stays curly.  Not sure how it works, but sure glad it does.  There are so many crafts this curly ribbon will be useful for!  Who would have thought you could take satin or grosgrain ribbon and Read more [...]
craft foam spray painted

How to Spray Paint Craft Foam

Before you make your next Halloween Costume with Craft Foam, read this post!  We have discovered that you can spray paint Craft Foam (sheets & rolls) to make whatever color you need for your costume or craft project.  Make craft foam sparkle with Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, or create a color match for whatever you are making easily with Spray Paint.  This is super helpful considering large Craft Foam Rolls are only available in a few limited colors!   Customer's looking for additional Read more [...]
Colored Glass Gems with Nail Polish

How to Make Nail Polish Gems

Why shop around for colored glass gems to match your next event, party, or wedding when you can make any color gem you need with Clear Glass Gems & Nail Polish???  To make these Nail Polish Gems, simply paint the back of Small or Large Clear Glass Gems with your favorite color and let dry!!!  Display colored gems on mirrors or use to fill vases.  You can even paint the top of the gem!  Best of all there are no brushes to clean! If you need 100's of colored gems for a wedding or event, Read more [...]
Salvation Pony Bead Bracelet

Salvation Bracelets

Make bracelets with meaning!  These Salvation Bracelets are easily made with Pony Beads and Elastic Cord.  Bracelets are one size fits all!  Perfect for Vacation Bible School, Children's Ministry, and Overseas Missions.   Bracelet donations are needed for missions.  See below for more information.  Also, check out the meaning of a Salvation Bracelet and what each colors represents!  Supplies Needed:   Black Opaque Pony Beads Red Opaque Read more [...]
How to Melt Pony Beads in the Oven

Melted Pony Bead Flowers

These Melted Pony Beads will look great as Flower Necklaces, Magnets, Hair Clips, and More!  Using Chrome Bottle Caps we melted Pony Beads in the oven and turned them into amazing Flower Shapes!  These melted pony bead flowers make great embellishments for many crafts.  Melt 4) pony beads and add a mini button to the center or melt 6 beads (both designs are shown below).  The creations are endless!  Once melted, you can add these pony bead flowers to Clothespin Magnets, make Read more [...]
Black Clothespin Magnets with Button Embellishments

Clothespin Magnets

Make these easy Clothespin Magnets with clothespins, scraps of pattern paper, Mod Podge, Neo Magnets & a few embellishments!    Perfect for displaying Valentine's, Photos, Cards, Shopping Lists, and School Papers and the refrigerator.  Embellish Clothespin Magnets with Foam Hearts, Buttons, & More.  Choose Black, White, Natural or any color clothespins for these easy magnets.  Cut strips of Scrapbook Paper to match and use Mod Podge to add to the top of the clothespin.  Make this Read more [...]
Crystal Gem Necklaces with Twine

Gem Necklaces

Make Gem Necklaces for Christmas Gifts! Easy & Fun to make!  Simply attach 1" Circle (paper or photo) with Diamond Glaze to Gem.  Allow to dry & string with Twine or Ribbon.  Optional:  Attach ABC Sticker for Initial Necklace.  Cost is only $2.00 per necklace with kit (Makes 6)! Supplies Needed: Clear Glass Gems w/ Hooks 1" Paper or Photo Circles Diamond Glaze Adhesive Natural Twine or Ribbon ABC Stickers Gem Necklace Kit (Makes 6) Directions for Making Gem Read more [...]