How to Make Easy Heart Bookmarks

Easy Heart Bookmarks

These Easy Heart Bookmarks are the perfect group Valentine’s Day Craft.  Supplies are sold in groups of 50 so they are a great Classroom Craft, Women’s Ministry Craft, or a weekend craft with friends.  We love providing simple, creative, and easy crafts that are also inexpensive to make.  This is one of those crafts!  The supplies needed to make 50 Heart Bookmarks cost only $28.50.  That’s only .57 cents per bookmark!

How to Make Heart Bookmarks



The only cutting necessary will be the small square needed to make the envelop at the bottom of the bookmark.  We cut a small square from a piece of Pink Cardstock.

Pink Square for making envelop

Next, cut the envelop flap by cutting at a diagonal on both sides and meeting in the middle.

Small Pink Envelop

Add Mini Glue Dots to the back of the paper envelop and attach near the bottom on the bookmark insert.

Easy Heart Bookmark

Press to secure Envelop onto White Insert.  Attach flap above envelop (see below) for an opened envelop.

Easy Bookmark Ideas

Now its time to add the Small Silver Hearts to the the Bookmark Insert.  Simply press the paper hearts onto a roll of Mini Glue Dots.  Use as many hearts as you like…  We used 4-5 above the envelop and 3 hearts in the envelop.

Small Heart Stickers


Next, peel the Small Silver Hearts off the Glue Dot roll and attach to the bookmark insert.

Easy Heart Bookmark Insert

Using a Sharpie Marker (or any permanent marker of your choosing), add dots, lines, and personalize your Heart Bookmark.  Add the year, a name, the word “love”, or Be Mine for a great Valentine’s Day Gift or Craft.

Heart Bookmarks with Sharpies

Slip the White Bookmark Insert with Hearts into a Vinyl Bookmark Sleeve.  The bookmark sleeves aren’t necessary, however, if you are wanting a more professional looking bookmark (like one you would purchase from a bookstore) try these vinyl sleeves!  Not to mention they will protect your heart bookmark.

Heart Bookmarks with Vinyl Sleeves

The vinyl bookmark sleeves come pre-punched with a hole at the top ready for a bookmark tassel.  We added a Silver Bookmark Tassel to the top of the Heart Bookmarks~

Easy Heart Bookmark Craft

Here are the finished Heart Bookmarks!

How to Make Easy Heart Bookmarks

Shopping List:

That’s all you need to make 50 unique Heart Valentine’s Day Bookmarks!  Of course, we encourage you to let your creativity roll and personalize these bookmarks however you like:)

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