Candy Cane Ornaments

Make adorable beaded Candy Cane Ornaments with Pony Beads, Chenille Stems, & Faceted Beads!  Perfect for group, classroom, & Sunday School crafts!  Simple, Inexpensive, & Fun to make!  Ornaments can be reused year after year and look amazing on any Christmas tree!

easy candy cane ornaments with beads

Beaded Candy Cane Ornaments are easy to make and inexpensive too!  Simply string pony beads on chenille stems, bend into a candy cane shape, and glue the end beads to hold everything in place (we used Faceted beads on each end).

Not only will kids of all ages enjoy making these Candy Cane Ornaments, they’ll love hanging their handmade Candy Cane Ornaments year after year on the Christmas Tree.  Not to mention they are easy to store with all the Christmas decorations.

Supplies Needed:

Directions for Making Candy Cane Ornaments:

1)  Cut 12″ Chenille Stems in half (6″ pieces).  Chenille Stems aka Pipe Cleaners are available in a variety of colors.  Try making these Candy Cane Ornaments with Sparkling Iridescent, Gold Metallic, or your favorite color.  Use sharp scissors to cut the chenille stems or if you have a pair of wire cutters, save your scissors and use them to snip the pipe cleaners in half.

cut white chenille stems for candy canes

2)  Using a Low Temp Glue Gun, attach a Red Faceted Bead to the end of the White Chenille Stem.  To prepare for a group craft or classroom craft, prep the chenille stems prior to having kids stringing the pony beads.  Cut enough chenille stems for all the kids and glue a faceted bead to one end of each.  This way the kids are ready to begin stringing beads and won’t need as much assistance.

attach red faceted bead to end of chenille stem

3)  Begin adding the White and Red Pony Beads to the Chenille Stem.

add red and white pony beads to chenille stem

 4)  When you reach the end of the chenille stem, leave enough space for 1 Red Faceted Bead.  Attach Faceted Bead with Low Temp Glue Gun to secure & finish the “candy cane”.

secure beads by attaching red faceted bead to end of candy cane

5)  Finally, bend the beaded chenille stem into the shape of a candy cane.  That’s it.  These Candy Canes are ready to hang on the tree.  No hooks, ribbon, or drying time needed and they last for years!

candy cane ornaments made with beads

Making with Tri-Beads:

Follow the same directions above, just use 2) Tri-Beads instead of 1 pony bead.  Each Tri-Bead Candy Cane requires a 6″ White Chenille Stem, 2 Red Faceted Beads, 22) Red Tri-Beads, & 24) Clear Tri-Beads (to make as shown here).

tri-bead candy canes

More Info:

Kids will love decorating the tree with these candy canes!  If you let your toddler hang them, they will all be around the bottom & most likely there will be several per branch.  It’s pretty funny.  Or if you have a creative daughter (like me), she will have to make them with her favorite colors and in her own creative pattern…

candy cane ornament with beads... tutorial

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