Glitter Glass Gem Ornaments

Glitter Glass Gem Ornaments

Don’t you just love it when your Christmas Tree sparkles under the lights???   Here is another Sparkly Ornament Idea!  Make Sparkling Glitter Gem Ornaments with Clear Glass Gems, Glitter, Jewelry Bails, E6000, & Sheer Ribbon!  It is easy, fun, and inexpensive to make!

Glitter Glass Gem Ornaments

 Supplies Needed:

Glitter Gem Ornaments Supplies Needed

Directions for Making Glitter Glass Gem Ornaments:

1)  Clean both sides of Clear Glass Gems and place face down on folded copy paper.

The Back of the Clear Glass Gems

2)  Cover entire flat side (back of gem) with Diamond Glaze Adhesive.  We found it easy to just apply right from the bottle.  Make sure to cover entire back of gem with a very thin layer of Diamond Glaze.

Clear Glass Gem with Diamond Glaze Adhesive on Back

 3)  Sprinkle lots of glitter (color of your choice) on the back of gem.  Cover very well.  We left the gems covered with glitter for a while so they could dry.

Red Glitter added to back of clear glass gem

 4)  Once dry, pick up the gem and shake to remove excess glitter (on folded copy paper).  Here is what the back will look like after just one coat of Diamond Glaze & Glitter:

Back of Clear Glass Gems with Glitter

 5)  Let the gems dry completely.  With a small amount of E6000, attach a Jewelry Bail to each Gem.

Add E6000 to Jewelry Bails

Attach Jewelry Bails to Backs of Clear Glass Gems

        6)  Once the E6000 is completely dry, attach a 10″ piece of Sheer Ribbon for hanging.  Thread through Jewelry Bail and tie.

Glitter Gem Ornaments with Sheer Ribbon

Glitter Gem Ornaments with Sheer Ribbon

  Additional Info:

We originally attempted to make this Glitter Ornament with Elmer’s Glue and Glitter.  However, the Elmer’s Glue didn’t dry clear.  The Diamond Glaze covers the back of the gem with a nice thin coat, the glitter attached to it much thicker, and the coverage was much better.

More Ideas:

  • Cut the sheer ribbon longer and make into a necklace!  Make sure to cover the glitter on the back with an additional coat of Diamond Glaze before wearing.
  • Instead of Jewelry Bails, attach a 3/4″ Ceramic Magnet on the back for a Sparkling Refrigerator Magnets!  
  • Add a Black Script Letter Sticker for family initials.
Red Glitter Gem Ornament with Letter hanging on Tree

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