sparkle magnets finished

Simple Sparkling Magnets & More

Ever need a quick inexpensive gift?  Well, here is a simple craft idea using Epoxy Glitter Circle Stickers, 1″ Foam Circle Shapes, and just a few Accessories!  Make magnets, necklaces, bottle caps, & hair accessories!

Sparkle magnets, necklaces, bottle caps, and hair accessories

Supplies Needed:

epoxy circle stickers, foam circles, adhesive craft magnets

Directions for Making Sparkle Magnets & Accessories:

Easy Magnets:

1)  Simply remove epoxy circle sticker from sheet and attach to the center of 1″ Foam Circle Shape!  We used foam circles that matched the colors in the sticker…

attach epoxy sticker to foam shapes

 2)  Flip over and attach a 3/4″ Adhesive Craft Magnet to the center of the foam shape.  Just peel and stick magnet to the back!

add craft magnet to the back of foam circle

magnet attached to back3)  That is it!  These are so simple, sparkly, & fun!  Love the inspiring words too!

sparkle magnets finished

Easy Necklaces: 

1)  Follow step #1 above.  With E6000, attach Jewelry Bail to back of foam.

add silver jewelry bail to back of foam circle shape

2)  Allow to dry completely and string with Black Elastic Cord.  Makes a simple, sparkly, and light-weight necklace!

sparkle necklace with black elastic cord

Easy Bottle Caps:

1)  Attach Epoxy Circle Sticker to center of 1″ Foam Shape.  Place a small amount of E6000 on a small piece of wax paper, foil, or cardboard.  Using a toothpick or unfolded paperclip, apply a small amount of E6000 to the back of the foam shape and place in the center of the bottle cap.

sparkle sticker in chrome bottle cap

2)  Make a bottle cap necklace by attaching sparkling sticker & foam circle to the center of a bottle cap w/ hook.  String with Black Elastic Cord & tie!

sparkle sticker with bottle cap with hook

Easy Hair Clip:

1)  Follow step #1 above.  Attach Sparkle Sticker & Foam Circle to the end of a Hair Clip with a small amount of E6000.  Allow to dry completely.

sparkle magnets, necklaces, and bottle caps

 All it takes is a few accessories and 1 pack of stickers to make 20) magnets, necklaces, bottle caps or hair clips!

Find all these and many other supplies at:  Craft Supplies for Less, Inc


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