Easy Photo Coasters w/ Craft Foam

These Photo Coasters make the Perfect Holiday Gift!

Easy & Fun to Make!  Use family, pet, outdoor, and/or vacation photo’s to create memorable gifts for Grandparent, Parent, & Teacher Holiday Gifts!

Supplies Needed:


Steps for Making Photo Coasters with Foam:

1)  Trace with a black ultra fine point Sharpie marker & cut 6mm Foam Sheet into a 3 1/2 x 3 1/2″ square.  Hint:  Trace a coaster you have or cut 1 square and trace it so all 4 match.


 2)  Trace with Black Ultra Fine Point Sharpie Marker & cut photo into 3 1/2 x 3 1/2″ square.  We used regular 4×6 photos.  Hint:  We used the same coaster to trace the photo so they would match exactly.




 3)  With Foam Brush apply Mod Podge to entire top of Foam Square.

 4)  Press photo onto top of the foam square.  The Mod Podge with seal the photo to the foam when dried.  Hint:  Use a scrap piece of foam to press the photo down to avoid getting fingerprints on the photo.


 5)  Apply 1 coat of Mod Podge to top of photo.  Brush from left to right.   Wipe off any that gets on the edges of the foam.  Let dry completely (15-20 mins).  Apply a 2nd coat the other direction (top to bottom).  This will give the top a “linen look” when the 2nd coat dries.  Mod Podge dries completely clear, however, you will see the brush pattern on top of the photo.

  First Coat:                                               Second Coat:

Mod-Podge-applied-to-top-photo                          second-coat-mod-podge

6)  Once 2nd coat of Mod Podge is completely dried, spray entire photo with Clear Gloss Spray Paint.  You can even apply a 2nd coat as it will act as an additional sealer.  We picked up a can at the local hardware store for under $4.  It didn’t change the look of the sealed photo at all. 


7)  We even tested them for you! 


 8)  Once completely dry, stack & tie with Natural Twine or Ribbon!


 Photo Coaster make the perfect Holiday Gift!  Use Vacation Photo’s, Family Photo’s, & More!  Don’t forget to write the year under the foam coaster.

To Clean:  Wipe off with damp cloth.  Do not submerge in water.

Buy Photo Coaster Kits and Supplies here:  www.inspire-create.com

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