Foam Frog Visor with Red Tongue

How to Make Frog Visors

These easy to make Frog Visors are perfect for Classroom & Birthday Parties!  Fun for all ages.  No glue, scissors, or mess required.  Kids can place foam eyes & tongue wherever they would like on the foam visor.  Just peel and stick!  Visors are ready to wear as soon as the eyes & tongue are attached.  Kids won’t even have to wait for the glue to dry.  These Frog Visors are sure to be a hit at your next party with kids of all ages!

Foam Frog Visor with Red Tongue

Frog Visor Supplies

Supplies Needed: 

Steps for Making Frog Visors:

1.  Peel & Stick White Circle Stickers at the top of the Green Visor.  Circles should overlap visor by about an inch.  We found that kids will put the eyes in different places along the top!  Some had spaces between the eyes, some made the eyes crooked, & some where perfectly centered on visor.  All looked great!

Green Foam Visor with White Eyes

2.  Flip over the Visor and attach 2 more White Circle Stickers to the back of the circles to secure Eyes to Visor.  Make sure circles on the back line up with the ones on the front.

White Circles on Back of Visor

3.  Attach Black 1″ Circle Stickers to the center of the 2″ White Circles.

Frog Visor with White and Black Eyes

4.  Attach the Red Foam Tongue Shape to the Visor with a 1″ Glue Line.  Place the tongue anywhere on the brim!  Off to the side or in the center both are cute.

Frog Visor with Red TongueFrog Visor with Red Tongue on the Side 5.  Optional:  Draw a line on the tongue with a Black Foamies or Sharpie Marker.  We recommend drawing the line BEFORE attaching the Red Tongue to the Visor.

Frog Visor with Eyes and Red Tongue

More Ideas:

  • Draw a nose in the center of the Visor with a Foamies Marker.
  • Write name, date, and event under the Visor.
  • Cut legs and arms out of a Green Foamies Sheet and attach to Visor.

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