Heart Nail Polish Necklaces

Nail Polish Necklaces

These Nail Polish Necklaces are easy to make with Clear Glass Gems and Nail Polish!  Add a piece of Red Sheer Ribbon and you have the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for mom, grandma, and friends.  This is a fun craft for kids, teens, and adults.  There is a little drying time needed for the nail polish and some wait time in between coats of polish.  However, the clean up is simple…you will just need to put the nail polish away!  These Heart and Dot Nail Polish Necklaces are inexpensive too.  The cost of the Clear Glass Gems with Hooks is only .60 each!  Use nail polish you already own and add a small piece of ribbon to the gems and these makes a great Valentine’s Day Craft and Gift!

Heart Nail Polish Necklaces

Start with Clear Glass Gems with a Hook already installed into the gem.  These sell in packs of 6 for only $3.60.  You can purchase them here.

Clear Glass Gems with Hooks

Turn the gems over and add the nail polish to the backside of the gem (the flat side).  First, add hearts, dots, or any design you would like with nail polish.  The trick is to add quite a bit of polish for solid coverage.  Don’t wipe the brush clean on the nail polish container, like you do when you paint your nails.  For dots, simply lift the brush out of the nail polish container and let the polish drop onto the back of the gem.

Paint Gems with Nail Polish

Or make a large heart in the middle of the gem with a heavy coat of polish.  Allow the polish to completely dry before you add a background color or sparkles to the gem.

Heart Nail Polish Craft

Once the 1st coat of polish has dried, add a background color.  To the Red Heart Gem below we added a sparkling clear coat.  Once this dries you can add a solid color (like white) for more contrast.

Sparkling Heart Necklace Craft

Simply let the nail polish drop onto the gem.

Nail Polish Craft

Then spread it around to cover the back of the gem completely.

Sparkling Heart Necklace

Once the dots have completely dried (it will take a while since we made them so thick) cover the back of the glass gems with your choice of background color.  We used a coat of White Nail Polish to cover this gem.  Apply a thick coat to completely cover the gem.  If you apply the nail polish thick enough, you won’t need to apply a 2nd coat.

Nail Polish Craft

Here is how the back of all gems turned out.  You can paint the entire back of the gem with the background color or just paint around the hearts, dots, etc.  Either way works great as long as the 1st coat of nail polish is completely dried.  Once you flip the gems over, you won’t be able to tell.  

Nail Polish Necklaces

Allow nail polish to dry on the gems completely before flipping over and adding ribbon.  We used a 1/4″ Red Sheer Ribbon.  It is lightweight and looks good with the glass gems.  Cut the ribbon long enough to allow the necklace to slip over your head easily.

Nail Polish Gem Necklaces

Then simply tie the ends of the ribbon together to make this adorable Heart Nail Polish Necklace!

Nail Polish Necklace

These not only make a fun Valentine’s Day Craft, they make a great gift too!  Kids and teens can make these to give to moms, grandmas, neighbors, teachers, and friends.  Since there is a little dry time needed, try making more than 1 design at a time!  Since the cost (as shown) is less than .75 cents each w/ ribbon (as long as you have nail polish) it’s a good excuse to make more than one.


Supplies Needed:

Nail Polish Necklace Supplies

Find these and other great supplies at inspire-create.com/store

Easy Valentine's Craft

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