Crystal Gem Necklaces with Twine

Gem Necklaces

Make Gem Necklaces for Christmas Gifts!

Easy & Fun to make!  Simply attach 1″ Circle (paper or photo) with Diamond Glaze to Gem.  Allow to dry & string with Twine or Ribbon.  Optional:  Attach ABC Sticker for Initial Necklace.  Cost is only $2.00 per necklace with kit (Makes 6)!

Crystal Gem Necklaces with Twine

Supplies Needed:

Directions for Making Gem Necklaces:

1)  Clean both sides of Clear Gem with a dry cloth.  Apply a thin layer of Diamond Glaze Adhesive to the back side of gem.

Diamond Glaze on back of Clear Gem

2)  Attach 1″ Paper or Photo Cricle face down on back of gem.

Paper Circle attached to back of Clear Gem

3)  Apply a thin layer of Diamond Glaze over the back of the paper/photo.

Thin Layer of Diamond Glaze over Paper or Photo Circle

4)  Let dry for a few hours.  String with Twine, Elastic, or Ribbon.  That’s it! 

Super Easy & Fun~

Gem Necklaces

 More Ideas: 

Add Letter Stickers to the top of the Gem:

Gem Necklace with Letter B Sticker

Place finished Gem Necklace in a 3″ Round Tin with Clear Lid:

Gem Necklace in Tin Container with Clear Lid

 Use a Photo cut into a 1″ Circle.  This necklace is made with a photo of a sunset:

Gem Necklace with Photo

Just a Clear Gem w/Hook, a 1″ Pattern Paper Cirle, & Natural Twine!

Flower Gem Necklace with Natural Twine

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