finished heart on a stick

Heart Wands

Make an ordinary Wood Heart on a Stick into an amazing Heart Wand with Mod Podge, Velvet Ribbon, Printed Scrapbook Paper, & a few Embellishments!  Perfect for Valentine’s, Birthday Parties, & More!

Easy to Make Heart Wands

Supplies Needed:

Directions for Making Heart Wands: 

1)  Using a 6×6″ piece of printed scrapbook paper, trace heart in upper corner.  Then flip wood heart and trace other side next to the 1st heart.  Trace 2 additional hearts under the top 2.  Make sure to flip the heart as the wood heart is slightly different on each side!  *By flipping the heart, you will be able to cut 4 hearts from each 6×6 piece of paper!

trace wood hearts onto scrapbook paper

2)  Cut out hearts (label the back of each) with top or bottom so it will be easy to apply to the correct side of the wand.

cut hearts out of paper for wand

3)  Using a 1″ Foam Brush, apply Mod Podge to the top of the wooden heart.  Make sure to cover heart well and wipe any excess off the sides.

cover wood heart with mod podge

4)  Once heart is covered with Mod Podge (we used Glossy), attach paper heart.  Press down and cover paper heart with Mod Podge as well.

cover top of paper with mod podge

5)  Allow 1st coat to dry completely.  Then repeat steps 3-4 for the back of the heart.  Mod Podge dries completely clear.  Here is a picture of the heart once it is dry:

let mod podge dry on wood heart

6)  Time to attach the 3/8″ Velvet Ribbon to the sides!  Using a multi temp glue gun begin attaching the velvet at the base of the heart.

attach velvet ribbon to the side of wooden heart

 7)  Continue attaching ribbon around the wood heart.  Cut the ribbon at the end of the heart and secure with glue gun.  It takes about 10″ of velvet ribbon to go around the heart.

add velvet ribbon cut end of velvet ribbon

          8) Attach a separate piece of velvet ribbon (about 24″) to the top of the stick and begin to wrap around.  Make sure to cover entire stick and tack down along the way.

wrap heart wand with velvet ribbon

9)  Tie 1/8″ & 1/4″ White Satin Ribbon at the top of the stick (at the base of the heart).  We used 2) 14″ pieces of ribbon.

tie satin ribbon to heart wand

10)  Make a small Velvet Ribbon Bow by overlapping two loops and securing with glue gun.  Glue Small Pink Foam Heart Shape in the center of the velvet bow & attach to base of heart (over the white ribbon). That is it!  Perfect for Birthday Parties, Valentine’s Gifts, & Group Crafts!

heart wand with velvet ribbon

More Ideas:

  • Make ahead for Girl’s birthday party and display in a vase!
  • Make several wands with different printed papers.
  • Attach a jewel or button in the center of the velvet bow.
  • Embellish around the edges of the wood heart with jewels or mini buttons.
  • Wrap heart & stick with 3/8″ Grosgrain Ribbon instead of Velvet.
  • Sprinkle top of Heart with a little Glitter!
  • Attach a Black Letter Sticker in the Center of the Heart for each child’s name.

pink wood heart wand with black letter sticker for initital

Find Heart Wands, Velvet Ribbon, Mod Podge, and other great craft supplies at:!

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