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Curly Ribbon Bookmarks

Here is a quick and fun weekend craft… Curly Ribbon Bookmarks!  These adorable bookmarks are made with Curly Ribbon, Large Metallic Paperclips, and Buttons.  Attach craft buttons with Glue Dots and there is no drying time required.   Bookmarks make a great gift for all the readers in your life.  Be sure to check out our last post to learn how to easily turn ribbon into curly ribbon for this project.  Once you have the curly ribbon made this craft takes only minutes.  Make a few for yourself and give a few as gifts too!

ribbon bookmark ideasSupplies Needed:

Directions for Making Curly Ribbon Bookmarks:

1.  Start by making the “curly ribbon”.  Click here for step by step directions.  We used a 1/4″ size Wood Dowel & 3/8″ Grosgrain Ribbon for these paperclip bookmarks.

2.  Once ribbon has cooled, cut Curly Ribbon into 5″ strips.

curly ribbon craft ideas

3.  Fold curly ribbon in half and feed loop through the top of a Jumbo Metallic Paperclip.  Next, thread the 2 loose ends through the loop and pull to secure.

add curly ribbon to paperclips

4.  Attach Button to a 1/2″ Craft Glue Dot and then press directly onto the ribbon at the top of the paperclip.  This will also help secure the ribbon and also finish off the bookmark nicely.  If you don’t have Glue Dots, you can use a Glue Gun or E6000 Adhesive.  We used Glue Dots so there would be no drying time.  Plus they work great and there is no mess…

add buttons to curly ribbon bookmarks5. That’s it!  An easy weekend craft that you can make in minutes.  These Curly Ribbon Bookmarks make great gifts to give to all the readers in your life too!

add curly ribbon to paperclips for bookmarks

Shop for supplies at:  www.inspire-create.com

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