foam heart decorations

Spiral Hanging Decorations

These Spiral Heart Decorations are made from Foam Shapes and Chenille Stems!  No glue or cutting required.  Perfect for classroom and party decorations!  So light weight they can hang from crepe paper!  Fun and easy to make.  Simply twist chenille stems around marker, pull each end to create spiral, and attach foam shape!  We made these with hearts but you can use any of our custom foam shapes (hot air balloons, fire engines, trains, fall leaves, animals, frogs, sunshines, rain drops, flowers, butterflies, princess crowns, and many more).

Foam Hearts Hanging on Twist Chenille Stems

Supplies Needed:


Directions for Making Foam Shapes on Chenille Stem Twists:

1)  Begin by hole punching each Foam Shape near the top with a 1/8″ single hole punch.  Foam punches very easily, even with a hand held hole punch.  If you only have a regular size hole punch, it will work, however, the chenille stem will not completely cover the hole like it will with a 1/8″ punch.

Hole punch foam shapes with a 1/8" punch

2)  Now the fun part!  Twist a chenille stem (aka pipe cleaner) around a Sharpie Marker or any jumbo size marker will work.  Make the spiral twist tight around the marker.  Kids of all ages will love this step!  Once the chenille stem is completely twisted around the marker, just slide off the end!

how to make chenille stem spiral twists

Remove spiral twist chenille stem from marker

3)  Time to “stretch” the spiral.  Hold each end of the chenille stem and pull the spiral apart.  Stop at the length you prefer.  Our twists measure between 7-8″.

Chenille Stem Twists

4)  Next, attach the Foam Shape (heart), to the Chenille Stem Twist.  Simply take one end of the chenille and put through the 1/8″ hole you punched at the top of the foam shape.  Bend the end up and over the foam to secure.

attach foam shape to chenille stem twist

5)  To finish decoration, create a loop or a hook at the opposite end for easy hanging!

create loop on the end of chenille stem for hanging

6)  These make perfect party decorations!  Super light weight.  Hang from crepe paper, garland, birthday banners, light fixtures, curtain rods, and more!

foam heart decorations

More Ideas:

Using Sharpie or Foam Markers, write words, names, or letters on each foam shape.

Add Foam Stickers to each shape to decorate.  Attach 5mm Stick on Jewels for bling!

Slip a pony bead or beads over the end of the chenille stem when attaching the foam shape.  Slide bead over the end to secure stem to shape.

Foam Shapes on Twisted Chenille Stems with Pony Beads

For classroom decorations:  attach Seasonal Foam Shapes to bulletin boards, hang from coat racks, hook on backs of chairs.  Add students name to foam shape.

Use Fall Leaf Shapes for Autumn Decorations!  Match with Fall Assorted Chenille Stems.

Fall Leaf Shapes on Spiral Chenille Stems

Make inexpensive Christmas Ornaments!  Hang Foam Snowflake Shapes, Stars, Trees, or Large Christmas Bulbs on your Christmas Tree this holiday season.

Choose Foam Shapes to match your next event or party!  Craft Supplies for Less, Inc. offers 100’s of custom shapes (you can even pick the color)!

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