Snowman Magnets

Snowman Magnets

It’s FINALLY snowing outside!!!  Here are a couple of fun Snowman Magnet ideas.  They are the perfect winter craft!

Make snowman magnets with white foam circle shapes, buttons, rhinestones, ribbon, nail polish, a 1/2″ Adhesive Craft Magnet Roll, & Glue Dots!

Snowman Magnets

Supplies Needed:

Directions for Making Upside Down Snowman Magnet:

1)  Cut a 4″ piece of 1/2″ Adhesive Craft Magnet.

Cut 1/2" Adhesive Craft Magnet

2)  Lay out all 3 sizes of white foam circles (1 1/2, 1 3/4, & 2″).  Slightly overlap the 1 3/4″ circle on the 2″ circle.  Trace overlapped edge.

Tracing overlapped foam circle with sharpie          Traced cut out area on white foam circle

3)  Cut out traced area.  Then repeat steps 2 & 3 with the 1 1/2″ circle overlapped on the 1 3/4″ circle.

Cutting out top of white foam circle

4)  Peel adhesive backing from 4″ Craft Magnet & attach 2″ foam circle at the end.

attaching white circles to adhesive magnet strip

5)  Continue by adding the 1 3/4″ middle circle and then finally the 1 1/2″ circle on the top.  Place circles close together.  Here is what the front and back should look like.

all circles attached to magnet       back of snowman magnet

6)  Now it is time to add the Black Boots.  Simply add a Mini Glue Dot to the top of each boot & attach to the 2″ foam circle.

Attach black boot shape to snowman with mini glue dots

7)  Use Mini Glue Dots to add Black Buttons.

8)  Cut a small 3/4 x 2 1/2″ piece of 6mm White Craft Foam.  Trim sides and top to look like snow bank.  Attach to top of snowman magnet with Mini Glue Dots.  trim white craft foam        upside down snowman magnet with snow attached

9)  Paint Snowman face using Black & Orange Nail Polish.  We found that nail polish worked best and provided a 3D finish.

paint smile and eyes with black nail polish         paint orange carrot nose with nail polish

10)  Last but not least, after nail polish dries, attach a 7″ piece of Red Velvet Ribbon for a scarf with Mini Glue Dots!

Attach ribbon for scarf       Snowman Magnet with Red Velvet Scarf

Finished Upside Down Snowman Magnet

finished upside down snowman magnet

Directions for Snowman Magnet with Hat & Arms:

1)  Cut a 5″ piece of 1/2″ Adhesive Craft Magnet.  Then follow Steps 1-4 above.  Make sure to leave adhesive magnet at the top for the hat!

2)  With a 1 1/2 x 2″ piece of Black 2mm Craft Foam, cut a the black hat.

Cut black foam hat for snowman

3)  Attach hat to top of snowman magnet.

attach black hat to top of snowman magnet

4)  Attach 3) 7mm Black Rhinestones with Mini Glue Dots to 1 3/4″ Circle.

add 7mm black rhinestones to snowman magnet

5)  Attach Black Boot SHAPES to 2″ circle with Mini Glue Dot.  See Step 6 (above).

6)  Attach 7″ piece of Orange Grosgrain Ribbon for Scarf with Mini Glue Dots.  It takes 2) Mini Glue Dots to add ribbon.

attach orange grosgrain ribbon as scarf

7)  Attach Brown Foam Arms with Mini Glue Dots.  It take only 1) Mini Glue Dot per arm.  Glue to the back of 1 3/4″ foam circle (shown below).  attach brown foam arms to snowman

8)  Paint eyes, nose, and smile with Black & Orange Nail Polish.  See Step 9 above. Finished snowman magnet with boots, arms, scarf, and hat

 More Info:

  • The only drying time for this project was for the nail polish.  However, it took less than 30 minutes for the 1st coat to dry.
  • Re-apply the nail polish to add more dimension.
  • Use 5mm Black Sticky Back Rhinestones for eyes and smile instead of nail polish.
  • Cut small orange carrot nose from 2mm Craft Foam and attach with Mini Glue Dot.
  • For a smaller snowman magnet, use 1, 1 1/2, and 1 3/4″ white foam circles.

Post a comment below and we will email you a coupon good towards supplies to make these great Snowman Magnets!  


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  1. carolyn
    carolyn says:

    This is so cute, was looking for Christmas ornaments made of foam and came across this snowman. Love it will make them next weekend. A nice, easy and inexpensive way to spend an afternoon with my grandson. He thought he would make them for little gifts.

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