Wreath Ornament with Red Velvet Bow

Wreath Ornaments

These Beaded Wreath Ornaments are fun for all ages!  Simply string Green and Red Tri-Beads on a Green Chenille Stem, twist top, and attach a Red Velvet Bow.  No glue or cutting required!  Great for holiday parties and group crafts.  Beaded wreaths can be used as tree ornaments, gift tag holders on presents, or as window decorations!

Wreath Ornament made with Tri Beads and a red velvet bow

Finally, an easy Christmas Craft that is fun and inexpensive to make.  Kids of all ages and adults too will enjoy making these Beaded Wreath Ornaments for the tree this year.  They are simple to create and add lots of sparkle to the tree.  Year after year you can hang these Christmas Wreath Ornaments and remember the fun you had making them!  Isn’t it nice when you make a handmade ornament and it doesn’t look like you made it at home?!?

Supplies Needed:

wreath bead ornament kit supplies

Directions for Making Wreath Ornaments:

1)  Start by making piles of 5) Green Tri-Beads and 1) Red Tri-Bead.  It will take 11 piles to make 1 wreath.

Piles of green and red tri beads for wreath ornaments

 2)  Then begin stringing beads on a 12″ Emerald Chenille Stem in the following pattern:  5 green, 1 red, 5 green, 1 red, etc.  Leave 2″ of chenille stem showing at each end.

string green and red tri beads on chenille stems for wreaths

 3)  Continue with this pattern until there is about 2″ of chenille stem uncovered at each end.

green chenille stem with all beads strung

 4)  Bend Chenille Stem into a circle and twist the ends once or twice to secure beads. 

twist the top of chenille stem to make the beaded wreath

5)  Make a loop with the chenille stem ends.  Twist ends around each other to hide ends.

create loop at top of wreath

 6)  Attach Mini Red Velvet Bow with gold chenille stem (already attached to bow).  That’s it!  The wreath is done and ready for your tree!

Beaded wreath ornament ready for red velvet bow

Finished Wreath with Red Velvet Bow Attached

Each wreath requires:  55) green tri-beads, 11) red tri-beads, 1) 12″ emerald chenille stem, & 1) mini red velvet bow.

More Info:

  • For classroom or group use, count out 11 piles of beads (5 green & 1 red) and place in  3×4″ poly bag.
  • Finished wreath ornaments are about 3″ across.
  • Hang on windows with suction cups.
  • Add a gift tag and attach to the top of presents.wreath ornament on present

Wreath Ornament Kit

wreath bead ornament kit supplies

Our Wreath Kit includes everything needed to make 72 Beaded Wreaths – Buy Now

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