Craft Foam Petal Flowers for Spring Crafts!

Hanging Flower Bouquet for Spring

Easter has come and gone early this year, this we know..  Since it will be awhile until another Holiday, we decided to celebrate Spring!!!  With blue skies and beautiful sunshine this Hanging Flower Bouquet is perfect for hanging outdoors.  It’s also perfect for indoors!    It’s light-weight and easy to display.  Made from only Craft Foam and Wire Ribbon it is easy to assemble and will be ready to hang on any door in no time at all!  Great Mother’s Day Idea for the kids to make and give Mom too!!!

Easy to Make Hanging Flower Bouquet for Spring or Mother's Day!

Craft Tip:  If you are planning on displaying this Flower Bouquet on an exterior door and you live in an area prone to wind gusts, we recommend adding a small thin magnet to the back of each flower to add just enough weight to stop the petal flowers from blowing around.   More about that later…

Let’s Get Started:

Start by cutting 1 1/2″ Green Wire Ribbon to the desired lengths.  We cut 3 different lengths of ribbon and then folded each piece in half to make the 6 pieces shown.  Our pieces are 24, 28, and 30″.

Hanging Flower Bouquet... use green wire ribbon.

Once you have all the wire ribbon cut and folded, attach all the pieces together with a small amount of Low Temp Glue Gun by the fold and tie a small piece of Hot Pink Grosgrain Ribbon into a bow.  This is not only hold the pieces of Green Wire Ribbon together, it will also serve as a loop to hang the Flower Bouquet on a hook.

Hanging Flower Bouquet... tie Pink Bow at the top of green ribbon.

Now you are ready to add the Petal Flowers (made from Craft Foam) to each piece of ribbon.  Oh, but first, you will need to add the 1 1/2″ White Circles to the center of each flower!  Use either your Low Temp Glue Gun or Glue Dots work well too.

Flower Bouquet...add circles to petal flowers with glue dots.

Layout the petal flowers in the pattern you desire at the ends of the wire ribbon.  Then attach each flower with Low Temp Glue Gun or E6000.

Easy to Make Hanging Flower Bouquet

If you are using this Flower Bouquet as a indoor Spring Decoration, you are finished!!!  However, if you would like to hang this outside and not have the wind blow it away, attach a large thin magnet to the back of each flower to help add a little weight to each flower and keep them in place when the wind blows.


To protect your door from the magnets scratching and also to keep the magnets from attracting to each other (and stacking all the flowers on top of each other) attach a few foam circle stickers to the top of the magnets.  Simply peel and stick the foam circles to the magnet.

Hanging Flower Bouquet.. add magnets to the back for weight.

Test the bouquet and see if the flowers attract or not.  If they do, simply add more foam circles to prevent this!
Hanging Flower Bouquet..attach magnets to back for weight. Cover w/ Foam Circles.

Now your Petal Flower is ready to hang either indoors or outdoors and enjoy this Spring!

Hanging Flower Bouquet...easy to make and fun to display in Spring!

Shopping List:

  • Foam Petal Flowers w/ Circle Dots
  • Green 1 1/2″ Wire Ribbon
  • 3/8″ Hot Pink Grograin Ribbon
  • Low Temp Glue Gun
  • Optional:  Large Thin Magnets for weight & Foam Circle Stickers

Craft Foam Petal Flowers for Spring Crafts!

Craft Recipe:

  1. Cut Wire Edge Ribbon 24, 28, and 30″.
  2. Fold each piece in half and attach the fold with Low Temp Glue Gun.
  3. Tie the top of the Green Ribbon together with a small piece of Hot Pink Grosgrain Ribbon.
  4. Attach the White Dots to the center of each Petal Flower with Low Temp Glue Gun or Glue Dots.
  5. Arrange the Petal Flowers in the order you like and attach to the ends of the green ribbon with Low Temp Glue Gun or E6000.
  6. If you will be hanging this outdoors and are concerned about wind blowing it away, attach small magnets to the back of each flower and cover with foam circle stickers:)



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