No Sew Felt Wallet

Here is a great idea for your next girl party…  No Sew Felt Wallets!  These felt wallets and flowers requires only a few inexpensive craft supplies and are easy to make with low temp glue guns.  Once assembled, they are ready to hold money, play money, notes, and more!  Due to our love of polka dots, we made our Felt Wallet & Felt Flower with pink polka dot felt, however, you can be as creative as you like!  Our 9×12″ felt sheets are available in solid colors, polka dot, striped, and even Tie Dye!  Make a felt wallet today in your favorite colors.  This is a great craft party idea, group craft, or just for fun on a weekend.  These Felt Wallets are sure to be a hit with girls of all ages!

How to make a felt wallet

Supplies Needed:

  • 1) 9×12″ Pattern Felt Sheet
  • 1) 9×12″ Solid Felt Sheet
  • 2) 1″ Adhesive Craft Magnets
  • 1) 10mm Rhinestone Jewel
  • 4 ft) Velvet Ribbon
  • 1) Low Temp Glue Gun

Directions for Making No Sew Felt Wallet:

1.  Using 1) 9×12″ piece of felt, fold 3″ up from the bottom.  Glue the 2 seams with Low Temp Glue Gun.  Make sure to run the glue line all the way to the side without getting any extra on the outside of the felt.  We found it easiest to work slowly, gluing only an inch at a time and pressing the felt together before continuing.

make a 3" fold at the bottom of the polka dot felt

2.  Next, cut solid felt for pocket.  We used a 1 1/2″ x 9″ strip of felt.  However, you can make the solid pocket taller if you would like.  Attach sides of felt pocket with low/multi temp glue gun.

cut 1 1/2 x 9" strip of felt for wallet pocket

3.  To finish off the pocket, add Velvet Ribbon (10″ strip) along the edges.  Attach the velvet ribbon with an overlay (about 1/2″ at each end).  When done gluing, cut excess ribbon.

trim felt with hot pink velvet ribbon

4.  Cut 1 1/2″ square of solid color felt and glue to top of the inside flap for magnet.  Attach a 1″ Adhesive Craft Magnet to the top and bottom of the inside of the wallet.  We used the adhesive from the magnets to set the magnets in place (making sure they aligned) before permanently attaching them with the glue gun.

attach 1 1/2" square felt and magnet to top of wallet

5.  Now for the front of the wallet!  Attach Velvet Ribbon to the sides and bottom edge.  We added ribbon to all 3 sides.  Remember to cut the ribbon longer than the sides.   Glue the ribbon on with an overlap on both ends.  Then trim to the edge for a perfect finish.  Almost done…  Just need to make the felt flower and attach it to the front.  See below for directions on how to make a felt flower.

add velvet ribbon around felt wallet

How to Make the Felt Flower:

1.  If using 2 colors for the felt flower you will need a 4″ strip of felt for the center part of the flower and a 9″ felt strip for the outside of the flower.  Cut a 3/4″ x 4″ strip of solid white felt and a 3/4 x 9″ felt strip of Polka Dot Felt.  Starting with the white (the inside of the flower), fold the felt in half and cut along the fold about 1/8″ apart or as close as you can.  The closer the cuts, the smaller the “petals” of the flower will be.  Continue cutting until you have reached the end.

cut felt for felt flower

2.   With the white felt strip still folded, begin rolling the felt. Using a Low Temp Glue Gun secure the end of the white felt when finished rolling.

roll the cut felt to make a felt flower

3.  Repeat the step 1 with the polka dot felt using a 3/4″ x 9″ felt strip (fold and cut).  Using a small amount of glue, attach the patterned felt to the white rolled felt.  Roll polka dot felt around the white felt to create the flower.  Continue rolling entire strip of pattern felt.  To secure felt the end of the felt strip add a small amount of glue (we used a low temp glue gun) and press until cooled.  Here is what the back of your felt flower should look like.

make a felt flower with 2 colors of felt

                 4.  Flip felt flower over and attach a 10mm Round Rhinestone to the center of the felt flower with a low temp glue gun.  Here you go… a finished felt flower!

How to make a felt flower

5.  Now it’s time to attach the Felt Flower to the center of the Felt Wallet.  Close the wallet and attach the felt flower (using a low temp glue gun) to the front of wallet.   That’s it!!!  You can now enjoy your No Sew Felt Wallet!

How to make a felt wallet



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