Daisy Flower Magnets

Daisy Flower Magnets

Add color to your workspace or craft room with these fun & colorful Flower Magnets!  Best of all you can do so inexpensively by re-purposing a bouquet!  Or pick up a few fake flowers at local garage sales and thrift shops.  Clean flowers, cut off stems, add a 1″ Foam Circle, and attach 1″ Thin Ceramic Magnets with E6000!

Finished Daisy Flower Magnets

Supplies Needed:


Before we begin, let me just say it seems like it would be quite easy to make a Flower Magnet.  Cut the stem and attach a magnet, right?  Who needs “directions” for such a simple idea???  Well, we found there really is a trick to this!  If you just cut the stem you are left with a plastic surface that is difficult to securely attach a magnet to.  If you remove the plastic, the flower loses it’s shape and dimension.  Therefore, we created a simple solution!  Attach one of our custom made 1″ Foam Circle Disks to the plastic!  Now you will be able to securely attach a ceramic magnet, keep the flower shape, and make an adorable Flower Magnet! 

Directions for Making Daisy Flower Magnets:

1)  Remove the stem from the flower and cut plastic as close to flower as possible with wire cutters.  Make sure to leave the plastic on the flower as it holds the flower together. Without it, the flower falls flat and loses it’s dimension.  Important:  Secure the remaining plastic to the flower with a small amount of E6000.

Cut stem of daisy flower at top

2)  In order to create a flat surface to securely attach the ceramic magnet to, hole punch the center of a 1″ Foam Circle with a 1/4″ Single Hole Punch.  Suggestion:  Use a matching Foam Circle!

Hole punch center of foam circle for back of flower

3)  Attach the foam circle with E6000 to the center of the plastic on the back of the flower.  Now you have created a smooth surface to attach the ceramic magnet too!

attach foam circle to back of flower

4)  Using E6000, attach a 1″ Thin Ceramic Magnet to the Foam Circle.

Attach 1" Thin Ceramic Magnet to back of foam disk

5)  That’s it!  Let dry and Enjoy!!!

Daisy Flowers with Ceramic Magnets attached

Finished Daisy Flower Magnets

More Ideas:

  • Add Flower Magnets to Bulletin Boards, File Cabinets, &/or Magnetic Boards in your workspace or craft room!
  • Instead of magnets, attach to Barrettes, Hair Clips, Picture Frames, or make Pins!

Great way to re-purpose a bouquet, wedding flowers, or flower arrangement.  Add a few flowers to a vase and then cut a few for the frig!

Find Ceramic Magnets & E6000 at:  www.craftsuppliesforless.com/craftsupplies_ceramic-magnets.html

Find 1″ Foam Circle Disks at:  www.craftsuppliesforless.com/kidscraftsupplies_foamies1.html

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