Flowers for Mother's Day, May Day, or Any Day! Made from Craft Foam. Great for kids to make & give to Mom.

Flowers for Mother’s Day, May Day or Any Day

This Flower Door Hanger is perfect for Mother’s Day, May Day (May 1st) or any day!  It’s simple enough that kids can make it with a little help (the stapler part if they are small) and requires no drying time or cutting!  It’s made from light-weight Craft Foam…yes, even the vase holding the flowers is just a folded and stapled piece of craft foam!  The flowers are pre-cut and assembled with chenille stems at different heights to fill the vase.  Ribbon is stapled to craft foam vase so this door hanger is ready to hang!   Our favorite part, well it has to be the White Polka Dots!

Flowers for Mother's Day, May Day, or Any Day! Made from Craft Foam. Great for kids to make & give to Mom.

This Flower Door Hanger is really simple and only requires a few craft supplies.  We used 1 piece of 9×12″ Navy Craft Foam, 1 pack of White 3/4″ Circle Stickers (for the polka dots), 1 pack of Foam Petal Flowers (pre-cut), Lime Green Chenille Stems, and 2 small pieces of Grosgrain Ribbon.  The only other thing you will need is a stapler to make the vase and attach the Lime Green Ribbon for the handle.  With just a little prep, this would be a great classroom craft for teachers to have students make for May Day!

Let’s Get Started…

Start by creating the “vase” for the flowers by folding one piece of 9×12″ craft foam (we used Navy Blue) and stapling the bottom to secure.  Just roll the lower right hand corner of the craft foam sheet up and then staple the bottom.  This will allow you to add the Chenille Stem Flowers without them falling out!

Flowers for May Day, make the vase with craft foam sheet. Staple to secure.

Next, staple the upper corner of the foam where to the 2 sides meet.  This will form the cone or vase for the flowers.  Stapling craft foam is super easy and no different from cardstock or paper~

Flower Vase made with a Craft Foam Sheet. Stapled together...

To hold the long side together that can’t be stapled (unless you have a long arm stapler), tie a small piece of Hot Pink Grosgrain Ribbon around the cone and make a bow.

A vase for Craft Foam Flowers...add a pink ribbon.

Now it’s time for our favorite part… Add White Polka Dots to the Navy Blue Vase.  Just peel and stick 3/4″ White Circles to the foam is random spots!

Flower Vase with White Polka Dots made from Craft Foam

Attach a piece of 1 1/2″ Lime Green Grosgrain Ribbon to the vase for the handle with a stapler.  We used a 20″ piece of ribbon to create this handle.

Flowers for May Day... Make the door hanger by stapling ribbon to the craft foam vase. Then it's ready to hang!

To assemble the Flowers, all you need is Pre-Cut Petal Flowers and Chenille Stems (we used Lime Green from the Bright Pack).  Simply poke the chenille stems thru the center of the petal flower shapes.  Bend the back of the chenille just slightly so the flower is facing out and not straight up.  There should just be a really short piece of chenille stem showing on the front side of the flowers.  Notice the purple one below…you can see the bend we created so the flower would face out when it was added to the vase.

Flowers made with Chenille Stems and Craft Foam Petal Flowers

Now all that is left is to add the flowers to the vase!  If you would like some shorter flowers in the front of the vase, simply bend the chenille stem up (like the pink one below).

Flowers for May Day Door Hanger with Chenille Stems & Craft Foam Flowers

Place the flowers in the vase in the order you would like and this Flower Door Hanger is ready for May Day on May 1st, Mother’s Day, or any day that you’re in the mood to smile!

May Day Flower Basket for the Door

There is just something about flowers and polka dots!  How can you not smile when you see them?!?!

Hanging Flower Basket for May Day!

Shopping List:

  • Navy Blue Craft Foam Sheets
  • Petal Flower Shapes
  • 3/4″ White Circles
  • Hot Pink Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Lime Green 1 1/2″ Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Lime Green Chenille Stems
  • Stapler

“Craft Recipe”

  1.  Make a cone-shaped vase from 1 sheets of 9×12″ Craft Foam and staple the end and the side where the 2 pieces meet to hold together.
  2. Tie Hot Pink Grosgrain Ribbon around the cone in the center and make a small bow.
  3. Add 3/4″ White Circle Stickers to the vase for polka dots.
  4. Attach 1 1/2″ Lime Green Grosgrain Ribbon to the top of the cone for the handle with a stapler.
  5. Assemble Craft Foam Petal Flowers by pressing a Chenille Stem thru the center of the flower and bending slightly so that the flower faces out and not up.
  6. Add Flowers to the vase in the order you would like.  Bend some chenille stems to make shorter flowers for the front of the vase.




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