Fish Stick Puppet Craft for VBS

Fish Stick Puppets

Fish Stick Puppets:)  Hilarious!!!  Even as we typed this we’re cracking up.  This needs to be on the Wheel of Fortune under the “Same Name” category… Fish Stick, Stick Puppets!  All joking aside, these Fish Stick Puppets are simple to make and are guaranteed to make you smile when they are done!  Fish are made from Craft Foam Hands attached to Jumbo Craft Sticks.  Add a wiggle eye, cut a small mouth and weave Baker’s Cotton thru the fingers and there you have it… A Fish on a Stick!  Perfect for Vacation Bible School (VBS), Sunday School, or a themed unit on the ocean or sea life.  Let the Fish Puppet Show begin!

Fish Stick Puppets made with Craft Foam and Jumbo Craft Sticks

Just looking at this adorable Fish Stick Puppet makes us smile!  It is so cute and happy.  How clever to make it from a Hand Print Shape!!!  Of course, you could trace kid’s hands and cut them out instead of using pre-cut Foam Hand Shapes, however, that would be more work and we prefer simple crafts.  Cutting around fingers can be tricky too!  If doing this craft with younger children you can pre-cut the mouth so all they have to do is stick on a Wiggle Eye, Foam Sticker, and weave yarn or Baker’s Cotton (shown above) thru the fingers.

Let’s Get Started…

Begin by adding 1) 12mm Sticky Back Wiggle Eye just below the thumb on the hand and above where the mouth will be cut.  We used a Glow in the Dark Wiggle Eye because the size was perfect and have the adhesive already on the wiggle eye makes things a lot easier.  Just peel and stick!

Fish Stick Puppets made from Craft Foam Hands and Wiggle Eyes

Next, cut the fish mouths out below the wiggle eye (if you haven’t already done that)…  Just a small triangle shape makes the perfect fish mouth!

Fish Stick Puppets made with handprints

Now the fun part…Weave Baker’s Cotton or yarn thru the fingers.  Start by taping the end (with about 2-3 inches remaining) to the back of the hand print closest to the pinky finger (shown below).  This will allow you to tie off the ends when you are done weaving and keep the baker’s cotton secure.

Fish Stick Puppets.. Weave Baker's Cotton thru fingers for fish!

Weave the baker’s cotton or yarn thru the fingers and stop when you have reached the top of the shortest finger.

Fish Stick Puppets with craft foam hands and bakers cotton

Trim the excess string, leaving enough to tie the ends together.  Tie the 2 ends of Baker’s Cotton to secure.  This should be tied on the back of the pinky finger so it won’t show on the front side.

Fish Stick Puppets...Tie Baker's Twine to secure weave.

Add Foamies Stickers to decorate the fish.  We used splash stickers found in the Foamies Geometric Sticker Bucket of Shapes.  Just peel and stick!

Fish Stick Puppets... Add Foamies Stickers to fish

To attach the Jumbo Craft Sticks to the Handprint Fish, use 1/2″ Craft Glue Dots.  Press the jumbo craft stick onto a Glue Dot on the roll.

Fish Stick Puppets made with craft foam hands and jumbo craft sticks.

Next, attach the jumbo craft stick to the back of the Handprint Fish.  Press to secure.

Fish Stick Puppets with hand shapes and jumbo craft sticks.

Let the Fish Puppet Show begin!  Kids will absolutely love these Fish Puppets!!!  They are so happy and cute.

Easy to Make Fish Stick Puppets with Craft Foam

Shopping List:

Find everything you need HERE


Printable Craft Recipe…

  1.  Attach 12mm Wiggle Eyes to pre-cut Foam Handprint shapes or tracechild’ss hand and cut out.
  2. Cut a small triangle out (under the wiggle eye) for the fish’s mouth.
  3. Weave Baker’ Cotton in-between the fingers.  Cut and tie the ends on the back of the fish to secure.
  4. Peel and stick Foamies Stickers to the body of the fish (we used splash stickers found in the Foamies Geometric Sticker Bucket).
  5. Attach a Jumbo Craft Stick to the each fish with a 1/2″ Glue Dot.  Press to secure.



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