Use small tins to float candles for centerpieces

Easy Floating Candles

Floating candles can be spendy so why not make regular tealight candles float!?!  Here is an easy way to make floating candles (t-light or battery powered)…  Use these small tins!  They are inexpensive, light-weight, and the perfect addition to any centerpiece. These floating candles make a great centerpiece for summer weddings, bbq’s, and outdoor parties!   Simply fill container/centerpiece with water, float the tins on the water and add t-light candles to the tins.  For decoration you can also add craft foam shapes (hearts, stars, flowers, polka dots, etc) to the water.  Craft Foam floats right on top of the water and looks great by the floating candles!  Match your theme and color of any event with our custom foam shapes.

how to make candles float...its easy

These make a great inexpensive centerpiece!  Choose any containers you like… you can even use recycled glass jars or small bowls.  Try adding food coloring to the water to match your event, sprinkle with a little glitter, &/or add sequins to the bottom of the bowl/container.  There are just so many ways to decorate these adorable floating candle displays!

Let’s Get Started…

Begin by filling a container with water.  Next, place the small tin (or multiple tins, depending on the size of your container or bowl) in the water.

Use small tins to float candles for wedding centerpieces

Add Battery T-Lights or regular t-light candles to the center of the tin.  This is important so that the tin stays level and the candle burns evenly.  We tested both battery t-lights (shown below) and regular tealight candles and the small tins were able to float both.  Of course, we are huge fans of the batter t-light candles because they are safe, flicker, and can be re-used:)

Use small tin to float battery t-light candle

To customize your centerpiece, add Craft Foam Shapes.  There are literally 100’s of designs, colors, and shapes to choose from and they FLOAT!  We tried both hearts and polka dots, however, there are stars, flowers, and so many more to match your event or theme.  Craft Foam shapes will float right on top of the water and can also be layered.  Below we layered the heart shapes with small purple and red hearts on top of the larger hot pink and lavender hearts.

Craft Foam FLOATS!  Use w/ Floating Candles for the perfect centerpiece.

Here is our Polka Dot Floating Candle Centerpieces…  We simply wrapped the container with Baker’s Cotton and tied a bow to finish it.  If you container is slick and hard to wrap, use 1) Glue Dot in the back of the container to hold the Baker’s Cotton in place while you wrap it.  It worked perfect for us!

Easy Floating Candles w/ tins and craft foam

Here is the Floating Battery T-Light Candle turned on with floating Hearts and Baker’s Cotton…

Floating candles made easy w/ small tins

For a simple centerpiece with Floating Candles use these Small Tins (2″ across).  They are sold in a 6 pk for only $1.50!  You can find them here:


Shopping List:


Printable Craft Recipe…

  1.  Fill container, jar, or bowl with water.
  2.  Float Small Tin(s) in water.
  3.  Add Battery T-Lights or Tealight Candles to the Small Tins.
  4. Decorate with Craft Foam Shapes.
  5. Wrap container/jar with Baker’s Cotton and tie a bow.



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