Yellow Bump Chenille Flowers in a white vase

Chenille Stem Flowers

Inspired by the first day of summer, these Chenille Stem Flowers are simply adorable and so fun to make!  All it takes is Bump Chenille Stems, 2″ Styrofoam Balls, Green Pipe Cleaners, and a tall vase for display.  No glue or drying time!  Both kids and adults will love creating these.  Oh, & we must say, they are SOOOO soft!!!

Yellow Bump Chenille Stem Flower


Supplies Needed:

Directions for Making Bump Chenille Stem Flowers:
1)  Attach 4) Green Chenille Stems to the center of a 2″ Styrofoam Ball.  Optional:  braid or twist the green stems for a different look.
Green chenille stems added to styrofoam ball
2)  Next cut 24) Bump Chenille Stems in the middle of the thinnest part of each stem.  This will be enough “bumps” to make 1 flower.  Each stem will cut into 4 “bumps” and you will end up with 96 total.  Use either a good pair of scissors or wire cutters.  Hint:  You can cut more than 1 stem at a time (shown below).

Cutting bump chenille stems in the thinnest part of chenille

  3)  Now comes the fun part!  Take the “bump” and hold it with your thumb and middle finger with your index finger on top.
hold bump chenille in fingers to make loop

4)  Create the loop by using your other hand to press each end together.  The bump chenille should wrap around your index finger.

create the loop by pressing each end of bump together5)  Then simply hold the chenille bump at near the end and it is ready to insert into the styrofoam ball.

chenille stem loop held with thumb

6)  With the ends together, press the loop into the 2″ Styrofoam Ball.  Start by adding a single row all around the middle.  Begin the 2nd row by offsetting the loops from the 1st row (start with the 1st loop in front & center of the back row of loops).  This will create a random pattern and look better when finished.  Continue adding loops until the entire stryofoam ball is covered with the Yellow Bump Chenille!

Chenille Stem loops in rows

Chenille loop added to styrofoam ball

7)  Display 3 finished chenille flowers in a tall vase with a small opening at the top to support the flowers.

Choose from the following colors:  Red, Green, Orange, Black, Brown, Yellow, Pink, White, & Multi!

Find Bump Chenille Stems & other craft supplies HERE

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