Small Glass Gem Paperclip Bookmarks

Gem & Paperclip Bookmarks

Another Nail Polish Craft… These Glass Gem Bookmarks are super fun to make and adorable!  Simply paint small clear glass gems with nail polish, attach them to jumbo metallic paperclips, and you get these unique bookmarks!  Start by painting the back of glass gems.  Flip over and paint a small design on the top of the gem (flower, polka dots, shape, etc).  Attach 1/2″ Foam Circle Stickers to the top of the metallic paperclips.  Lastly, attach the glass gem to the top of the paperclip over the foam sticker with E6000!  These nail polish gem bookmarks make a great gift!

Painted glass gem attached to paperclip


Supplies Needed:

Gem Paperclip Bookmark Supplies Needed

Directions for Making Gem Paperclip Bookmarks:

1)  Start by painting the backs of all the small clear glass gems you need for the amount of bookmarks you would like to make.  We painted the backs of all the gems with 1 solid color of nail polish.  However, you don’t have to!

Back of clear glass gems painted with black nail polish

2)  Let the nail polish dry completely.  Once dry, flip gems over and paint a small design on the top of the glass gem with nail polish (it dries fairly quickly on the gems).  We found nail polish brushes are easy to work with and of course, the best part about using nail polish is that you don’t have to clean any brushes when you are done painting!  Allow top design to dry completely before attaching gems to paperclips.

small glass gems with designs painted on top

3)  While the nail polish is drying on the gems, begin preparing the paperclips by attaching a 1/2″ Foam Circle Sticker to the top.  For black painted gems we used a black circle sticker.  For lighter color gems, a white circle.  Simply peel and stick the foam circle sticker to the top of the paperclip (as shown below).

glass gem with 1/2" foam circle sticker attached to top

4)  Flip paperclips over so the foam circle is resting on the table top or work surface.  Attach the painted glass gem to the top of the paperclip using E6000.  The gem should be attached directly over the foam circle sticker.  *Hint:  It takes very little E6000 to attach the gem.  E6000 is self-leveling so a little goes a long way!

Painted glass gem attached to paperclip

5)  Let E6000 dry and enjoy!  These are fun to share, sell, and give as gifts!

Glass gem bookmarks with paperclips

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