Glue Dots added to Large Brown Triangle Shape

Owl Visors

Make these cute Owl Visors for your next Classroom or Birthday Party!  Super easy and fun to make!  All it takes is Foamies Visors, Brown Circle Shapes, Foam Eye Stickers, Small Orange Triangle Shapes, Large Brown Triangles, and 1/2″ Glue Dots.  No cutting or drying time required.  Make these visors instead of party hats for your next event!

Red, Yellow, and Navy Blue Owl Visors

Supplies Needed:

Directions for Making Owl Visors:

1)  Start by removing the coil on one side of the visor.  This will allow the visor to lay flat on the work surface and make attaching the circles and shapes much easier!

Detach coil from one side of visor

2)  Next, lay out three rows of 1″ Brown Foam Circles in the middle of the visor.  Make the top 2 rows with 4 circles and last row with 3 circles. Optional:  for a different look, overlap the circles.

attach brown circles to visor

3)  Once the Brown Circles are layed out in rows, begin attaching each circle with a 1/2″ Craft Glue Dot.  Simply place the Brown Circle directly on a Glue Dot on the roll.  Remove and the Glue Dot will be attached to the Brown Circle.

Attach Glue Dot to Brown Circle Shape

Glue Dot attached to brown circle4)  Next, peel and stick the White Foam Eye Stickers.  Line up with the top of the visor.  Make sure they do not go above the visor.  The eyes will mostly cover the top row of Brown Circles.  Peel and stick white eye circle stickers

White Foam Eye Stickers attached to visor5)  Now, peel and stick the Black Circle Stickers to the White Circle Stickers.  Stick the Black Circle Stickers off center towards the outside edge of the White Circles.  This will leave room for the Large Brown Triangle that is attached over the eyes.

foam eye stickers attached to owl visor

6)  Place 1 Small Orange Triangle Shape on the Glue Dot Roll.  With the Glue Dot attached to the back of the Orange Triangle, add just below the eyes and on top of the middle 2 brown circles (in the 2nd row).

small orange triangle attached to owl visor with glue dot

7)  Next, attach the Large Brown Triangle Shape above the Eye Circle Stickers.  Use 2-3) 1/2″ Craft Glue Dots across the top of the triangle shape to attach.  The Brown Triangle Shape should cover the tops of the eyes but not go above the visor.  Press to secure.

Glue Dots added to Large Brown Triangle Shape

Glue Dots added to Large Brown Triangle Shape

8)  Lastly, re-attach the coil to the end of the Foam Visor.

Attach coil to side of visor

Owl Visor in Yellow

Optional:  For a different look, overlap the Brown Circle Shapes!

Navy Owl Foam Visor

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