Fill glass ornaments with popcorn kernels for Fall Decorations!

Popcorn Ornaments for Fall

These Popcorn Ornaments make a great Fall Decoration and Centerpiece!  Simply fill a clear vase with popcorn kernels, add a few small tree branches from your yard, and hang these adorable Glass Ball Ornaments filled with popcorn kernels.  Display on a table with a few mini pumpkins and it’s the perfect Fall and Thanksgiving Day centerpiece!

Fill Glass Ornaments with Popcorn for a Great Fall Centerpiece

To make this inexpensive and unique Fall Centerpiece, start by picking up some yellow and white popcorn kernels on your next trip to the grocery store!  If you can find kernels in the bulk section they will be less expensive.  We found 2 pound bags of white and yellow kernels at Natural Grocers for only $2.17 per bag.  One 2 lb bag of each color filled our large clear vase and all the glass ornaments on display below.

Fill clear vase with popcorn kernels and add a few popcorn ornaments!

Use a funnel to fill a large clear vase with popcorn kernels.  These will make a great base and cover the ends of the branches you add to the vase.  You can add all one color or make layers of white and yellow popcorn kernels.  We used all white below (except for the one yellow kernel that somehow got in there).  Leave about 1″ at the top so it doesn’t overflow when you add the branches.

Fill a clear vase with popcorn kernels.

Add a few small branches to the vase.  We cut 3 random branches off a few bushes outside and they worked perfect.  Branches need to be able to hold the weight of the popcorn ornaments without bending or breaking.  Let them dry completely before you add them to the vase.  Press the branches firmly into the kernels so they are securely in place.

Add branches to popcorn kernel vase for ornaments

Now it’s time to fill a few glass ornaments with popcorn kernels.  We found it was easiest to use a funnel.  Remove the silver hanging tab by gently pulling on the loop.  Then pour a few tablespoons into the glass ball ornaments.  Here is what it will look like:

Fill glass ornaments with popcorn kernels for Fall Decorations!

Attach the hanging tab back to the top of the glass ornament by squeezing the prongs.  Then add Sheer Ribbon for hanging.  We used 1 1/2″ Ginger Ribbon.  Each ornament will need about 12″ of ribbon.  Tie off ribbon in a knot at the top.

Add sheer ribbon for hanging popcorn glass ornaments.

For an extra touch, add a small bow to the top of the ornament with matching embroidery floss.

Add a small bow with embroidery floss to the popcorn ornaments.

Hang Popcorn filled Ornaments on various branches.  We used 5 popcorn ornaments (3 white and 2 yellow) for our entire centerpiece.

Hanging Popcorn Ornaments for Fall!

Cut additional 10″ pieces of Sheer Ribbon and tie on branches to fill in any empty “space”.

Add Sheer Ribbon to Branches.To finish, tie a piece of ribbon with a double knot to the top of the clear vase.  Leave the ends of the ribbon hanging down.

Popcorn Ornaments... Add sheer ribbon to clear vase Display this unique Fall Popcorn Vase on any table or at the center of your dining room table for the perfect Thanksgiving Centerpiece.  Best of all this can be displayed the entire month of October and November… it’s just so Fall!

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Idea... Popcorn Ornaments and a Vase

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Happy Fall Y’All!

Many Blessings,

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