Craft Foam, Spray Paint & Electrical Tape

Make these adorable Striped Hearts with Craft Foam, Spray Paint, and Electrical Tape!!!  Hang Hearts with Sheer Ribbon for the perfect Valentine’s Party Decoration.  Hearts can be given as Valentine’s too!  This is a fun craft with a purpose.  Read more to find out just how easy these Striped Metallic Hearts are to make.

Easy Metallic Hanging Hearts made with Craft Foam & Spray Paint

Start with pre-cut Large Heart Foam Shapes (made from 2mm thick craft foam).  We offer way more than just hearts so any design would work for this craft idea.  The fun part is creating the stripes with the Black Electrical Tape on the craft foam.  If you were wanting to do this craft with kids, you could have them add the electrical tape stripes to the craft foam shapes.  Then an adult could spray paint the foam, in a well ventilated area.  Spray paint covers craft foam with just 1 or 2 light coats so it dries quickly.  Once the paint is dry, kids could remove the electrical tape to reveal the color of craft foam…just like magic!


For this blog post, we used Large White Foam Heart Shapes, Gold Metallic Spray Paint (made by Krylon), and Black Electrical Tape.  To make these Striped Heart Shapes, attach one or two pieces of Black electrical tape directly on top of the craft foam shape.  Press to secure.  TIP: Cut the electrical tape longer than the sides of the heart and wrap each side around to the back of the heart.  As you can see from the photo, the electrical tape attaches very well to the craft foam and the paint doesn’t bleed thru!


If you wish to hang these hearts or attach ribbon, hole-punch the top of the heart shape.  A standard hole-punch will work on these 2mm thick hearts.  Now the hearts are ready for the 1st coat of Spray Paint.  Apply a thin coat and let dry.  This only take a few minutes.  Then spray an additional coat (if necessary).  Let dry.metallic-gold-hearts-spray-paint-1st-coat

Once spray paint is dry, remove the electrical tape from the craft foam.  It removes very easily and won’t leave any sticky residue on the craft foam.  See below.  Also, notice the spray paint didn’t bleed!  The stripes are perfect!


Attach a small piece of Sheer or Double Face Satin Ribbon for decoration or hanging.


The back side of these hearts can be written on with any permanent marker (ie Sharpie or Foamies Marker).  Kids can write their name, the year, to/from, etc.  This is a fun craft with a purpose!

Spray Paint Craft Foam. Easy Tutorial

Questions??  Contact Us and we can help!  Check out of web store for supplies needed to make these adorable Hearts!



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