Felt Christmas Ornaments

Inspired by all the Felt Ornament pictures on Pinterest lately, these Felt Christmas Ornaments are fun to make and will look great on any tree this holiday season!  Made with pre-cut felt shapes (with pre-punched edges), bakers twine, embroidery floss, and craft buttons.  Instructions can be modified for kids so there is no sewing required.  Since the shapes are pre-punched, a large plastic needle can be used to loop the bakers twine around the edges. Stuff with cotton balls or poly filling and this ornament is ready to hang on your tree!

Felt Ornaments

Supplies Needed:

Directions for Making Felt Christmas Ornaments:
1)  Start with 2) matching pre-cut felt circle shapes with pre-punched holes around the edges.  First, take the top felt shape and stitch a small 1 1/2″ square off to the side with embroidery floss (it took about 16″) and an embroidery needle.  We used white floss for the red ornament, red for the green ornament, and green for the white ornament.  Once you have stitched all the way around the edge, add a button to the center of the square using the same floss.
felt ornament add green square and button
***To adapt this step for kids and make this a “no sew ornament”, simply attach the felt square with a Glue Dot and add mock “stitches” around the edge with a Sharpie Marker.  Attach a button to the center with a Glue Dot as well.
2)  Thread Red/White Twist Bakers Twine onto a Large Plastic Needle and loop through holes on the edge of the ornament (attaching the 2 circle shapes together).  It takes a piece about 24″ long.  Leave about 6″ of bakers twine at the top for hanging.  When there is about a 2″ opening left, stuff with Cotton Balls or Poly Filling.  We “stretched” 3 cotton balls and used them as “stuffing”.
stuff felt ornaments with cotton balls
3)  When you have filled the ornament with stuffing, finish looping around the edges.  At the end, tie the twine with a double knot.  Then tie the twine at the top for hanging.  Optional:  String a few pony beads onto the twine.  The pony beads will cover the knot at the top of the baker’s twine and are a great addition to this ornament!
felt ornaments with bakers twine
4)  For fun we added a Red Velvet Bow to the white felt ornament.  These velvet bows come with a pre-twisted piece of chenille so adding the bow was easy!
easy felt ornaments with buttons and bows
 Start a new family Christmas Tradition this year by making Christmas Ornaments for your tree!  Then each year you hang them, your tree will be filled with great family memories!

Have an ornament idea you would like to share?  Please post your idea below!

Holiday Blessings,


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