Flower Gem Necklaces

Need a fun Spring Craft Idea???  Here is a Nail Polish Craft that is perfect!  These Flower Gem Necklaces are easy to make and fun to wear!!!  All it takes is a few Small Clear Circles, Sparkling Mini Flower Stickers, Jewelry Bails, Bakers Thread, and Nail Polish for you to create these adorable Spring Flower Necklaces.  This is a great weekend craft or group craft for a party.  Try this Spring Craft today!!!


Start by cleaning the backs of the Clear Glass Circles with a soft towel.  Next attach the Mini Flower Stickers directly to the back of the gems.  This works because the flower stickers are colored on both sides…  Flower-gem-necklaces-gems-with-stickers

We arranged the flowers in 3 and had one sticker slightly hang over the edge of the gem (to be trimmed later).Flower-gem-necklaces-trim-flower-stickers

Once all the Flower Stickers are in place, paint of the entire back of the gem with Nail Polish.  You can use any kind or color.  We used a White Nail Polish.


Allow the 1st coat to completely dry, and paint over the back of the gem with an additional coat to completely cover the stickers and gem.   This will prevent the jewelry bail from showing thru the front of the gem once it is added.


Once the 2nd Coat of Nail Polish is dry, attach Jewelry Bails to the back of the Glass Circles with E6000.  FYI:  It only takes a very SMALL amount of E6000 to attach the bail.  E6000 is self leveling so only apply a tiny amount directly to the jewelry bail and then press it onto the back of the Glass Circle.


Once the E6000 is dry (usually within an hour or so) cut Baker’s Thread to the desired length and string the thread through the Jewelry Bail.  Tie the ends of the Cotton Baker’s Thread together and these Gem Flower Necklaces are ready to wear!!!


Cotton Baker’s Thread is super inexpensive and very soft so these Flower Necklaces won’t only be fun to wear they will also be comfortable around your neck!


Shopping List:

  • Clear Glass Circles
  • Mini Flower Stickers
  • Jewelry Bails
  • White Nail Polish
  • Cotton Bakers Thread
  • E6000

Find all these supplies and more HERE



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