pumpkin pins made with clear glass gems

Fall Jewelry…Pumpkin Pins

For the perfect Fall Craft… Make Pumpkin Pins from Glass Gems!  They are so cute and easy to make.  Start by painting the back of our Large Clear Glass Gems with Orange Nail Polish.  Next, attach Green Grosgrain Ribbon and a Pin Back.  Paint dots or a face on the front of the gem.  These pumpkin pins are great inexpensive gifts.  Fun fall craft for all ages.  Best of all you get to paint without having to clean any brushes!

Fall Jewelry Pumpkin Pins made with Glass Gems & Ribbon

Supplies Needed:

Supplies Needed for Pumpkin Pins



Directions for Making Pumpkin Pins:

1)  Clean both sides of Large Clear Glass Gems.  Place the dome part of the gem on a flat work surface or table (with the flat part of the gem facing up).

Clean Clear Glass Gems on Both Side

2)  Next, paint the entire back of the Glass Gem with Orange Nail Polish.  Apply a heavy coat for good coverage.  Allow to dry completely.  If applied heavily, one coat of polish should be plenty.  Once orange polish is dry you can flip the gem over and paint the dots, a face, or whatever creative design you would like on the front of the gem.

clear glass gems painted orange with polish

3)  When orange nail polish is dry (usually in less than an hour), flip gem over and paint the front of the gem.  To add a face on the front of the pumpkin, first use a black Sharpie Marker to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth.  This way you can make the face exactly the way you want it.  If you mess up or want to change anything you can “erase” the sharpie easily from the glass gem.

draw face on pumpkin with sharpie marker

4)  Once you have the face drawn the way you want, trace over the Sharpie Marker with Black Nail Polish.  This will give the pumpkin a raised or 3D looking face.  Let polish dry before attaching ribbon and pin back.

Cover sharpie marker with black polish

5)  To add Black and White Spots on the front of the pumpkin pin, start by adding the black dots.  Dots can easily be with the nail polish brush by simply dipping the brush (not wiping the sides on the bottle) and touching the brush to the top of the gem.

add black dots to front of pumpkin pin

6)  Since we wanted the white spots to be smaller than the brush could make, we opened up a regular size paperclip, dropped a small amount of white polish on an index card, and used the paperclip to make the smaller dots!  Let nail polish dry before attaching ribbon and pin back.

using paperclip to make small white dots on gem

7)  While the front of the pumpkins dry, cut 3/8″ Green Grosgrain Ribbon into 1 1/2″ pieces.  Cut the top of each piece at an angle for the pumpkin stem.

cut green grosgrain ribbon into 1 1/2" pieces

8)   Once the polish on the front is dry, flip gem back over and attach the Ribbon and 1″ Silver Pin Back using E6000.  Apply E6000 to the back of the gem in a straight line (about 3/4″) and press ribbon piece down onto gem.  Then, apply E6000 to the pin back and press across the ribbon near the top of the gem.

ribbon attached to back glass gem, ready for pin back

9)  Here is what the gems should look like on the back with the ribbon and pin back attached.

back of pumpkin pins with ribbon and pin backs

 10)  To prevent the top of the ribbon from unraveling over time, we used a little clear polish across the top.

add clear polish to the top of ribbon

11)  Allow E6000 time to dry.  The great thing about E6000 is that even after it is completely dry, it remains a flexible adhesive!  So if you feel a little give to the pin back on the gem, this is normal and a good thing (the pin back won’t pop off the back because the adhesive has a give to it).  Now it is time to enjoy the finished product!  These are so cute for Fall and make great gifts!!!

pumpkin pins made with clear glass gems

Find Large Glass Gems, 3/8″ Green Grosgrain Ribbon, E6000, and 1″ Silver Pin Backs at Craft Supplies for Less, Inc!  We have posted all the supplies on one page at www.craftsuppliesforless.com.

Be sure to share your creations with us!  Post on our facebook page www.facebook.com/craftsuppliesforless or add a comment below~

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