DIY: Christmas Ornaments with Glass Balls, Sequins, and Jewels

DIY…Sparkling Christmas Ornaments

These Sequin and Jewel Glass Ornament Balls are super easy to make and a great way to add “Sparkle” to your Christmas Tree this season!  We have created several variations of this craft so that even kids can make them.  These Sparkle Ornaments would look good on any tree and are perfect to make as gifts!  Not to mention they are inexpensive (glass ornament balls, sequins, a few stick on jewels, & ribbon) is all you need!  These make the perfect gift for co-workers, teachers, or neighbors.  Don’t forget to keep a few for a great memory each Christmas when you decorate the tree with ornaments you made~

DIY: Christmas Ornaments with Glass Balls, Sequins, and Jewels

Below you will see 3 variations of these Sparkling Christmas Ornaments. All are super easy to make.  Kids can easily make these (with supervisor) as the ornament balls are made from glass.  Ornament #1)  Attach Stick on Jewels to the outside of Glass Ornament Balls.  Ornament #2)  Remove cap and fill with 8mm Assorted Sequins & attach Spoke Sequins w/ Jewels to the outside of glass ornaments.  Ornament #3)  Simply fill Clear Glass Ornaments with Sequins & add ribbon for hanging!

How to make sparkle ornaments. These are so easy and make great gifts!

One of the great things about these Christmas Ornaments is that they are super light-weight.  We have seen many filled ornaments that are just too heavy for a tree branch to support.  However, sequins are about as light as it gets!

Easy Sparkling Ornaments. Light-weight, easy to make, and inexpensive! Make great gifts.

Let’s get started…

Sparkle Ornament #1 with Stick On Jewels

Simply peel and stick jewels anywhere on clear glass ornaments.  There is no need to remove the cap.  Just clean glass ornament with a soft cloth, stick on jewels, and hang with a short piece of Saddle Stick Ribbon.  Can’t get any easier than that:)

Simple Christmas Ornaments... Attach Stick on Jewels to Clear Glass Ornament Balls! Hang with saddle stitched ribbon and enjoy the sparkle!

Round Rhinestones look like sparkling polka dots!   However, Stick on Jewels are available in so many other designs and colors!  View all options here:  Shop All Rhinestones

Sparkle Ornament #2 with Sequins and Stick On Jewels

 This ornament was made with Stick on Jewel attached to the center of Spoke Sequins and filled with 8mm assorted color sequins.  Start by sticking jewels to the center of the sequins.

Add Stick on Jewels to the center of Spoke Sequins for extra sparkle!

Next, attach the Spoke Sequins w/ Jewels to the Clear Glass Ornament with Mini Glue Dots.  Simply stick the sequins to the a roll of Mini Glue Dots and then then press onto the glass ornament.  There is no mess, no drying time, and Mini Glue Dots will hold these in place securely.

Attach Spoke Sequins and Jewels to Glass Ornaments! Great online tutorial.

Fill the bottom of the glass ball with 8mm Sequins to desired height.  To remove the silver cap, gently pull straight up while holding onto glass ball.  We recommend using a small funnel for pouring sequins directly into ornament.  To replace the ornament cap, pinch silver prongs together and place back on the top.  Hang with a small piece of Sheer or Saddle Stitch Ribbon.

Oranments that sparkle with Sequins and Jewels. Easy to Make!Sparkle Ornament #3 with Filled Sequins

To make this light-weight sparkling ornament, simply remove the silver cap by pulling gently straight up.  Use a small funnel to pour Sequins into the clear glass ornaments.

Fill glass ornament ball with multi colored Sequins! Instant Sparkling Ornaments!

 Replace the cap by pinching the silver prongs and hang with Saddle Stitched Ribbon.  This ornament is perfect for smaller branches as the sequins are super light!Fill Glass Ornaments with light-weight Sequins and hang for instant "Sparkle"!

There you have it!  Three great Sparkling Ornaments that are easy and fun to make.

Simple Sparkling Ornaments with Stick on Jewels

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