Easy to Make Snowflake Wands for your next winter party!

Winter Wands with Snowflakes

As we quickly head towards Spring, we thought we better post a Winter Craft before it was too late.  So here it is!  Snowflake Wands are the perfect weekend, snow day, or birthday party craft.  Foamies Star Wands are sold assembled with ribbon already tied to the wood dowels.  Then simply attach a few snowflakes & buttons and this craft is a wrap.  Use Glue Dots (no drying time required) and as soon as these wands are decorated, they are ready to be used.  Now it must be time for a girl party!  Oh, and we should mention that these would be perfect for the frozen craze:)


These Star Foam Wands are sold in a 3 pack of Hot Pink, Purple, and Pink with the wood dowels already attached and ribbon already tied on.  So really all there is left to do is attach a Large Snowflake Shape to the center of the star and Small Snowflake off to the side with Glue Dots.  To finish off the wands, we added a couple of buttons with Glue Dots as well.  That is it!  With Glue Dots there is no drying time required so assembly is quick and then these wands are ready for any Princess!

Here are a few Step-by-Step Instructions:

Begin by attaching a 1/2″ Craft Glue Dot to the center of the Large White Snowflake Foam Shape.  Press the snowflake shape firmly onto a Glue Dot and then remove and the Glue Dot should be attached to the Snowflake Shape.

Attach snowflake shape with glue dots for a no mess craft!

Press the Snowflake Shape onto the center of the Star Wand.  The tips of the snowflake will extend slightly beyond the star shape.

Attach Snowflake Shape onto the center of the star wand for a great winter craft!

Using another 1/2″ Glue Dot, attach a large button to the center of the White Snowflake Shape.  Press to secure.

Add a button to the center of the snowflake wand!

On the upper left or right of the snowflake, attach a Small Foam Snowflake with a Mini Glue Dot.  Press to secure foam to star wand.

Easy Snowflake Wands for your next girl party!

To finish this Snowflake Wand, simply attach a mini button to the center of the small snowflake shape using another Mini Glue Dot.  Press the button to the craft foam to secure and these wands are ready for their princess!

Princess Wands with Snowflakes!  Great for Frozen Parties and Crafts.

Shopping List for Snowflake Wands

Shop for all of these supplies and more at:  www.craftsuppliesforless.com



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