Easy Glass Ornaments made with Chenille Stems & Hair Ties!

Chenille Stem Glass Ornaments

Here is a fun and super easy Christmas Ornament Idea that’s also inexpensive to make…Glass Ornament Bulbs with Chenille Stems inside!  Simply remove the ornament cap, add 3 chenille stems to each ornament bulb (the chenille stems will curl around the inside of the bulb), replace the cap, and add a hair tie for hanging on the tree!  Like we said, super easy and fun to make.  Each one turns out differently.  Try these with different amounts of Chenille Stems and/or different colors in each glass ornament.  You can even add sparkle to your tree by using Metallic Gold or Silver Chenille Stems.  Here is how ours turned out…

Glass Ornament Bulbs with Chenille Stems INSIDE

These are a great “Make and Take” ornament craft since there is no drying time needed.  Just add Chenille Stems, a hair tie, and these are ready to hang!  Kids of all ages can make these and will have fun creating these easy ornaments.  However, do keep in mind, we used “Glass” bulbs that can break if dropped.  For younger children you may want to use clear plastic bulbs instead.

Easy Glass Ornaments made with Chenille Stems & Hair Ties!

Let’s Get Started…

Start by removing the cap from the glass ornaments.  Add 3 Chenille Stems (any color you would like), one at a time to the glass ornament bulb.  We used regular 6mm x 12 inch Chenille Stems in Red, Emerald, and Metallic Gold.  Add the first chenille stem.

Glass Ornaments...add chenille stems!

Press the chenille stem gently into the ornament ball and it will naturally curl around the inside of the bulb.  Glass Ornament Balls.. Add Chenille Stems for an easy ornament craft!

Here is what the Glass Ornament Ball will look like with 1) Chenille Stem added.

Glass Ornament Idea. Add Chenille Stems to the inside.

Now for the 2nd Chenille Stem…

Glass Ornament Craft...Add Chenille Stems to the inside of the glass bulb.

Now, for the 3rd and final chenille stem.

Glass Ornament Bulbs...Add chenille stems to the inside. Easy Kids Ornament Craft.

When all 3) Chenille Stems are added to the inside of the Glass Ornament Bulb, replace the cap.

Glass Ornament Idea... add chenille stems!

Instead of Ribbon or ornament hooks, we decided to give Hair Ties a try for hanging these fun and easy ornaments!  They worked perfect and give the glass ornament a unique look too!  Simply thread the hair tie thru the hook and then back thru the loop to secure.

Glass Ornaments...use Hair Ties for hanging on the tree.

We also made Emerald and Metallic Gold Ornaments with Chenille Stems.

Chenille Stem Ornament Idea! Glass Bulbs & Chenille Stems make these simple & fun to make.

We hope you will give these a try this Christmas Season!  They are super light-weight (we have always been a fan of ornaments that don’t weigh down tree branches), add sparkle, and are fun to make!

Chenille Stem Ornament Idea.. add to the inside of Glass Bulbs!

Here is how they look hanging on the Christmas Tree.  These would also be great for kids to make and give as gifts to family, teachers, and/or neighbors!

Glass Bulb & Chenille Stems! Easy Christmas Ornaments.

Shopping List:

Find these and other great supplies HERE

Printable Craft Recipe…


  1.  Clean glass ornaments and remove cap.
  2.  Add 3) Chenille Stems to the inside of each ornament.
  3.  Replace cap and add a hair tie for hanging the ornament on the tree.




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