Easy Mitten Ornaments for Kids to Make. No glue required!

Mitten Ornaments w/ Snowflakes

These Large Red Mitten Shapes are super easy to make into Christmas Ornaments!  Mittens are pre-cut and ready to decorate.  Wrap with Red/White Baker’s Cotton, attach Snowflake Stickers, and these Mitten Ornaments are ready to hang on the tree!  It’s the perfect “Make and Take” craft since there is drying time required.  Perfect for Christmas Parties and for kids of all ages.  Mitten Ornaments are made from Craft Foam and can be personalized with a child’s name or the year with any permanent marker.

Easy Mitten Ornaments for Kids to Make. No glue required!

Crafts can be so fun for kids if they are simple and easy.  Some kids have much longer of an attention span than others so we always like to start simple.  Christmas Ornaments are one of the best crafts because both parents and kids will want to keep them.  Especially if you add the child’s name and the date on the back…  Who hasn’t decorated their Christmas Tree with ornaments from the past?!?  These Mitten Ornaments will not only be simple for kids, they are super cute and will look amazing on the tree year after year!

Mitten Ornaments for Kids to Make

Let’s Get Started…

Start by wrapping Red Baker’s Cotton around the top of Large Red Mitten Shapes (pre-cut and sold in 10 packs).  Make sure to leave a short piece at the end BEFORE you begin wrapping…  This little extra piece will tied off with the back piece to create the loop for hanging.  Kids can wrap these as much as they want and in different places as well.  If making these for a group craft, we recommend cutting the Red/White Baker’s Cotton into 24″ pieces so kids can each have their own piece.

Mitten Ornaments with Bakers Cotton

Here is another example of a way to wrap Red/White Baker’s Cotton on the mitten.

Mitten Ornaments...Wrap Craft Foam with Red Bakers Cotton

Once the Red/White Baker’s Cotton is tied off into a loop, attach White Snowflake Stickers by simply peeling and sticking to the Mittens!  Kids can choose 1-3 Snowflake Stickers per mitten.

Red Mitten Ornaments...w/ White Snowflake Stickers

Make sure to personalize these Mitten Ornaments with the child’s name and the year it was made.  This can be done on the back or written small on the front with a Fine Tip Sharpie Marker.  FYI:  Any permanent marker will work on craft foam.

Here’s is one other idea:  Add a small piece of White Pom Pom Ribbon across the mitten ornament with 2 Glue Lines.  Glue Lines are 1″ and attach very well to both the ribbon and craft foam.

Mitten Ornaments for kids to make. Add Ribbon and a Snowflake.

Then attach a Snowflake Sticker to the center of the ribbon.

Easy Red Mitten Ornament Craft for Kids

These Red Mitten Ornaments are lightweight, easy to hang, easy to store, and are super cute!

Shopping List:

Find these and other great Christmas Ornament Supplies at:  www.inspire-create.com

Printable Craft Recipe…



  1.  Wrap Red Mitten Shapes with Red/White Baker’s Cotton.  Tie off a loop for hanging.
  2.  Attach White Snowflake Stickers to the mitten.
  3.  Personalize with permanent markers (name & date).
  4. Optional:  Add Red/White Ribbon to mitten.



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