Tutorial on How to Make Pumpkin Bubble Magnets

Pumpkin Bubble Magnets

What do you get when you have Glass Wafers, Orange Nail Polish, Green Grosgrain Ribbon, and Large Thin Ceramic Magnets????  Some of the cutest Pumpkin Bubble Magnets ever!  Paint Oblong shapes Glass Wafers with Orange Nail Polish, let dry, add ribbon and a magnet.  That’s it for these fun Fall Pumpkin Magnets.  Great group craft for “tweens”, a women’s craft night, the classroom and weekend crafts.  These pumpkin magnets look great on the refrigerator and are perfect for displaying photos of the that yearly trip to the pumpkin patch.  With Sharpie Markers you can add a face or a word to the top of the wafer.  However, we left ours plain orange so they could be used during October and November.  Try making some of these Pumpkin Bubble Magnets soon.  They are guaranteed to be a hit!

Easy Pumpkin Bubble Magnets... Instructions and Supplies Needed

We stumbled across these oblong glass wafers that are pretty thin and have a look of recycled glass.  Knowing they have too many grooves and lines for Bubble Magnets made with photos or artwork we came up with this creative Fall Craft Idea.  Once they are painted with Orange Nail Polish, they take on an entirely different look…A Pumpkin!  BTW:  These wafers painted in pastel colors would make perfect eggs at Easter as well.

Tutorial on How to Make Pumpkin Bubble Magnets

Let’s Get Started…

Begin by cleaning Oblong Glass Wafers with a clean dry cloth.  Clean both sides of the glass wafer to remove any oils or dust.  Next decide if you want your Pumpkin Magnets to show the grooves in the wafers or not…  If you add Nail Polish to the side with the grooves the top will be smooth and the grooves will not show up as much.  “See the photo above.. The pumpkin on the far right was painted on the smooth side and the grooves are visible on the top.  The other pumpkins were painted on the side with the grooves and ridges.”

Pumpkin Bubble Magnets...Paint Glass Wafers with Orange Nail Polish

Paint on the Orange Nail Polish very heavy.  Almost the opposite of how you would paint your nails:)  Allow the 1st coat of polish to dry.  This really doesn’t take long.  More coats will be needed to cover the ribbon and the magnet that attach to the back.  Here is the what the wet nail polish looks like after the 1st coat.

Use Nail Polish to paint Glass Wafers for Easy Pumpkin Bubble Magnets!

Once the 1st coat is dry, add another heavy coat of Orange Nail Polish.   FYI:  You only need to paint 1 side of the glass wafer and it doesn’t have to be perfect.  Once you turn over the gems they will look like Orange Glass even if the edges are perfectly painted.

Paint Glass Wafers with Orange Nail Polish for easy Pumpkin Magnets!

Once the 2nd coat of polish has dried, check to see if a 3rd coat is necessary by holding up a piece of ribbon to the back of the glass wafer.  If you can’t see it thru the polish then the wafers are ready to attach the ribbon and ceramic magnet to the painted side of the gem.  If the ribbon is visible, add a 3rd coat of heavy polish.

Pumpkin Bubble Magnets: made with Glass Wafers, Ribbon, Magnets, & Nail Polish

Now it’s time to add a small piece of 7/8″ Green Grosgrain Ribbon for the pumpkin stem.  Apply a small amount of E6000 to painted side of the gem and attach the ribbon.  Please Note:  E6000 is a self leveling adhesive so a little goes a long way.

Easy to Make Pumpkin Bubble Magnets

Next, attach the Large Thin Ceramic Magnets to the ribbon pieces with a little more E6000.  This can be done as soon as the ribbon is added to the back of the gem.  This way both the ribbon and magnet will dry at about the same time.  Remember only a small amount of E6000 is necessary to securely attach the magnets.

Pumpkin Bubble Magnets add Ribbon and Ceramic Magnets

Allow to dry and here is what you end up with…ADORABLE Pumpkin Bubble Magnets!  Happy Fall:)

DIY: Pumpkin Bubble Magnets. for tweens, a girls craft night, or a weekend craft.

Shopping List:

Find these and other great craft supplies HERE

Printable Craft Recipe…

  1. Clean clear glass wafers.  Paint the smooth or grooved side of gem with Orange Nail Polish.
  2. Allow to dry and paint an additional 2-3 coats.
  3. Add Green Grosgrain Ribbon and a Lg Thin Ceramic Magnet with E6000.
  4. Allow to dry and ENJOY!



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