How to Make Fall Leaf Magnets... Easy Fall Craft!

Leaf Magnets w/ Wiggle Eyes… Easy Fall Craft

Need a quick weekend craft?  Fall Leaf Magnets are a simple, no mess craft that are perfect for all ages (with a little assistance)!  When we say simple, we mean simple… no cutting or glue required.  Add Sticky Back Wiggle Eyes to pre-cut Foam Leaf Shapes, outline shapes with Markers, and attach an Adhesive Craft Magnet.  That’s it!

Tutorial... Easy Leaf Magnets that Kids can make for Fall Crafts!

Whether you need a quick weekend craft, a Fall Craft Idea for a small group, or a craft to keep kids busy, these Fall Leaf Magnets are sure to be a hit!  Outline the leaves with any permanent marker (optional) or stitch with thread, add wiggle eyes (we used various sizes), and then peel & stick a 1 inch Adhesive Magnet to the back.  These Leaf Magnets are a really cute Fall Decoration on a refrigerator, file cabinet, or any magnetic surface…

Craft Foam Fall Leaf Magnets!

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Start by outlining each Leaf Shape with a permanent marker (this is an optional step).  If you will be doing this craft with small children, we recommend having an adult outline the leaves 1st and having kids start on the next step (adding the wiggle eyes).

Fall Leaf Magnets.. Outline Craft Foam Leaves with Sharpie Markers

Fine Point Sharpie Markers work great on craft foam, just be careful not to smear the ink while it dries on the foam (it dries quickly, but not instantly).  Any permanent marker will work, including the ones made for craft foam, however, we prefer Sharpies:)

Fall Leaf Magnets.. Outline foam shapes with Sharpie Markers

Next add Assorted Size Wiggle Eyes to each Foam Leaf.  We used sticky back wiggle eyes, just peel and stick the wiggle eyes onto each leaf.

Fall Leaf Magnets...Add Wiggle Eyes!

Now flip over the Foam Leaves and attach a 1″ Adhesive Craft Magnet to the back of each leaf shape.

Fall Leaf Magnets... add an Adhesive Craft Magnet to the back of Craft Foam.

Simply peel & stick the magnets to the back of each leaf.  Press to secure.

Easy Leaf Magnets made with Craft Foam & 1 inch Adhesive Magnets

Optional:  Draw a small smile under the wiggle eyes.  That’s it!  Display Fall Leaf Magnets on a refrigerator, magnet board, file cabinet, or any magnetic surface!

Craft Foam Fall Leaf Magnets!

Supplies Needed:

Find these and other craft supplies HERE



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