how to make frog visors with flowers

Frog & Flower Visors

Here is a fun and springy (is that even a word?) Frog and Flower Visor idea for your next party!  Basically it’s our popular Frog Visor with a twist… a lime green visor, pink tongue, and a flower added to the side.   This probably makes them the “girl version” of our green frog visor!  These Frog and Flower Visors are perfect for classroom and birthday parties.  Best of all there is no cutting or glue required (which means no drying time).   They are one size fits all and ready to wear as soon as they are assembled.  Be sure to make these Frog & Flower Visors instead of party hats for your next Frog Party!

frog and flower visors for spring

What’s great about these Frog and Flower Visors is that there is no cutting or glue required!  We do all the cutting for you.  Just peel and stick the stickers onto the Lime Green Visors.  Frog Kits can be purchased with or without the visors.

frog and flower visor kit

Here are a few easy instructions for assembling Frog & Flower Visors:

Start by removing the vinyl coil from the one side of the lime green visor.  Removing the coil lets the visor lie flat and makes it easier for kids to attach the eyes, tongue, and flower.  Don’t worry, the coil is easily re-attached at the end.  Once the coil is removed from one side, peel and stick the Hot Pink Foam Tongue to the visor.  The tongue can be placed anywhere on the visor.  Below we placed it off to the side.

add a pink tongue to frog visor

Next, peel and stick 2) White Circle Stickers to the top of the Lime Green Visor.  Circles need to be placed over the top of the visor by about an inch.  Below we placed our eyes close together, however, kids can leave a space between the eyes.

frog visor add white circles for eyes

To secure the eyes and keep the stickers off of hair, flip the visor over and place 2) White Circle Stickers directly over the white circles that you attached to the front.

frog visor add eyes on back of visors

Add a 1″ Black Circle Sticker to the center of each white circle sticker on the front of the visor.  These can be placed anywhere on the white stickers.  Here they are centered, however, they can be placed closer or farther apart.

frog and flower visor add eyes

Using 4) Hot Pink 1″ Circle Stickers and 1) Yellow Circle Sticker, attach a flower off to the side of the visor.  Place the hot pink on the visor first, in a “square” pattern.  All the hot pink circles should be touching.  Then, attach the yellow circle on top of the hot pink circles.  Want a different color flower?  Find Foam Circles Here:

frog visors add flower

Re-attach the vinyl coil to the side of the visor and enjoy!  Frog and Flower Visors are ready to wear as soon as they are assembled.  Perfect for all ages.

how to make frog visors with flowers

We would love to see your Frog Party Pictures!  Share with us on Facebook.  Also, feel free to comment below.


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