reindeer visor with hand antlers and heart face

Reindeer Visors w/ Hands for Antlers

These Reindeer Visors are so fun and simple to make.  We used Foam Hand Shapes for the antlers and made the Face with a Foam Heart.  Then added Wiggle Eyes and a Red Rhinestone for the sparkling nose!  They’re assembled with Glue Dots so there is no drying time or mess.  Visors are one size fits all.  These are just so cute!  We’ve even created a kit which includes the visors, shapes, eyes, and jewels.  Reindeer Visors are sure to be a hit with kids at your next holiday party!

reindeer-visor-sparkling-noseSupplies Needed:

Directions for Making Reindeer Visors:

1.  Start by removing the vinyl coil from one side of the foam visor.  This will allow the visor to lay flat and make it much easier to attach the hands and face.

red visor with coil removed from one side

2.   Add a 1/2″ Glue Dot to the “palm” of each hand shape and Mini Glue Dots to each finger.

glue dots on hand shape for reindeer

3.  Once you have the Glue Dots on each hand & fingers, press 2 hands onto the visor (shown below).  Make sure the two hand shapes are in the center of the visor and that the palms are touching.

hands for antlers on a reindeer

4.  Now it is time to attach the Heart Shape for the face!  Simply add 3) 1/2″ Glue Dots to the back of the heart shape (one at the tip and two on the sides).   Then press to apply over the hands just under the fingers and above the bottom of the visor.

heart for reindeer face5.  For this final step, add 2) 12mm Wiggle Eyes and 1) 12mm Red Rhinestone Jewel to the tip of the heart for the nose with Mini Glue Dots.  We love how the nose sparkles!!!

reindeer visor with hands and a heart

That’s it!  Here are a few additional ideas:

  • Use 12mm Glow in the Dark Sticky Back Wiggle Eyes.  Just peel & stick to visor and watch your reindeer “glow”!
  • Personalize each visor with the child’s name, event, and the date on the sides.
  • Add a Christmas stickers to the sides of the visor.
  • Hole punch the edges of the visor and weave with ribbon or natural twine to finish off the edges!

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