shamrock wands added to a vase

Shamrock Wands

Seeing “green” yet?  That can only mean one thing… It’s time for another St. Patrick’s Day Craft Project!  How about these Shamrock Wands?  They are easy to make with Foam Shamrock Shapes and Wood Dowels.  Add Shamrock Wands to flower arrangements, place in a re-purposed plastic container (we used a salad dressing bottle), or of course, you can use them as party wands!  Add some luck of the Irish around the house or use for your next St. Patrick’s Day Party.  However you use them, they are sure to add some festive fun at your next party or event.

shamrocks on a stick in a vase

Supplies Needed:

  • Foam Shamrock Shapes
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • White Nail Polish
  • Large White Buttons
  • 3/16″ Wooden Dowels
  • Low Temperature Glue Gun
  • Optional:  Saddle Stitch Ribbon

Directions for Making Shamrock Wands:

1.  Start by outlining the Shamrock Shapes with a Black Sharpie Marker.  Make sure to leave space for white polka dots.  Be careful not to smear Sharpie while outlining.  The marker outline will dry quickly, however, not immediately.  Finish half of the shamrocks on one side, and half on the opposite side.  This way you can match them up on the wood dowels and have two finished sides.  The shapes only need to be finished on one side.

outline foam shape with sharpie marker

2.  Add White Polka Dots in between the black outline with White Nail Polish.  Any brand will do.  When adding nail polish to shape, make sure to not wipe the nail polish brush on the sides of the bottle.  This will allow the nail polish to almost “drip” onto the shape and stay raised up.

add white polka dots with nail polish3.  Allow nail polish to dry and attach a large white button to the center of the Shamrock Shape using a glue gun, Glue Dot, or sew it on with embroidery floss.

add button to foam shape4.  Now it’s time to attach the finished Shamrock Shapes to the wood dowels.  It takes 2 shapes per wand (one finished on the front and one finished on the back).  With a Low Temp (or multi temp), attach the 1st shape to the dowel by adding glue to the “stem” of the shamrock.  Next, add glue to the back of the shape to attach the shape on top (shown below).

attach shamrocks with glue gun

5.  Match up the shamrocks and press them together.

add 2 shamrocks to wand

6.  Optional for Wands:  Attach Ribbon to the wand!  Lift up the stem of the top shape and apply low temp glue gun.  Center 12″ of Black Saddle Stitch Ribbon on the dowel and press into the glue.  Once ribbon is in place, apply low temp glue gun to the to of the ribbon and press the stem down to secure.

add glue to stick to attach shamrock

use glue gun to attach ribbon to shape shamrock wand with ribbon



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