how to make shamrock pins

Shamrock Pins for St. Paddy’s Day

You won’t get pinched if you are wearing one of these Shamrock Pins!  Using the same basic craft supplies as our Shamrock Hair Clips, these Shamrock Pins are easy to make and fun to wear.  All you’ll need is Shamrock Foam Shapes, Buttons, Ribbon, a Sharpie Marker, and … Nail Polish.  Yep, that’s right, the white polka dots below are made with white nail polish!  It’s the perfect way to get a “raised” dot on the craft foam.  The shapes are pre-cut so there is very little prep time for these pins.  Outline shamrocks with a sharpie, add dots, and a button to the center.  To finish, attach the ribbon to the foam shape with a low temp glue gun.  Then add the pin back to the ribbon with E6000, recommended for it’s strong flexible hold.  Trim ribbon edges and there you have it.  A fun festive way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Easy Shamrock Pins

Supplies Needed:

  • Craft Foam Shamrock Shapes
  • Large White Buttons
  • Black Saddle Stitch Ribbon
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • White Nail Polish
  • 1″ Silver Pin Backs
  • E6000 & a Low or Multi Temp Glue Gun

Directions for Making Shamrock Pins:

1.  Start by outlining foam shamrock shapes with a black marker.  Make sure to leave a space in between the lines for the white polka dots. use a sharpie to outline foam shamrock shape

2.  Now it’s time to add the white polka dots in between each of the black lines on the shamrock shape.  Any brand of white nail polish will do!  Let dry completely.  Usually dots are dry in 10-15 minutes.

make white polka dots on shamrocks

3.  Attach a large white button to the center of the shamrock.  You can use a low temperature glue gun or a 1/2″ Glue Dot.  The glue gun will hold the button in place just fine and is an instant bond.  Another option, is to sew the button onto the foam!

use glue dots to attach buttons to craft foam

4.  Cut 5″ strips 1″ Black Saddle Stitch Ribbon to attach to the back of the shamrock.  Trim the edges at a diagonal or like shown below.  Flip the Shamrock over and center the ribbon across the shape at a diagonal.  Use a low temp glue gun to attach the ribbon to the foam shamrock shape.

attach saddle stitch ribbon to shamrock pin  5.  Attach a 1″ Silver Pin Back with Safety Catch to the back of the ribbon with E6000.  We do not recommend using a glue gun for this step as the pin may not stay attached to the ribbon over time and use.  E6000 will permanently and securely hold the pin back to the ribbon and is worth the wait time!

attach pin back to ribbon with e6000

6.  Let dry and these light weight shamrock pins are ready to wear!  Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

how to make shamrock pinsAnother St. Paddy’s Day Craft…  Shamrock Hair Clips

Find Shamrock Shapes, Ribbon, & Pin Backs HERE



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