easy heart garland

Heart Garland w/ Chenille Stems

It’s the time of year when everywhere you look you see the color red, the word “love”, and every shape of a HEART ever created.   That can only mean one thing… It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  Inspired by all the red, hearts, and love in the air is this post for an Easy Heart Garland.  Whether you consider yourself “crafty” or not, this Heart Garland can be created in no time using only Chenille Stems and Pony Beads!  Not to mention it is super lightweight and easy to hang.  Get your classroom or house ready for Valentines… create and hang some Heart Garland today!

easy heart garlandSupplies Needed:  

Directions for Making Heart Garland:

1.  Bend 1) Chenille Stem in the center of the stem to form a “V” shape.

bend chenille stems to make hearts

2.  Now bend each of the ends towards the center of the “V” to form a Heart Shape.

chenille stem hearts

3.  Secure the Chenille Stem Heart with 1) Pony Bead.  Simply slide both ends of the chenille stem into the pony bead.  You can use a Heart Pony Bead (like we did) or a regular 6x9mm Pony Bead will work too!

red heart4.  Continue making Hearts (as described in steps 1-3 above), however, hook one end of each of the chenille stems around the finished heart before securing with a pony bead.  Essentially, interlocking each heart.

Red and white chenille stem hearts5.  Make any color pattern you would like.  We used red, white, and a red/white twist for our Heart Garland.

make hearts for garland

Make garland as long as you need, hang, and enjoy!

Hanging Heart Garland with chenille stems and pony beads

Optional:  Add a drop of glue (low temp glue gun) to the inside of each pony bead.  The heart garland shown above does NOT have any glue holding it together.  The pony beads were all we needed.  However, if you are making a really long garland, glue would help to secure all the hearts.

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