Salvation Pony Bead Bracelet

Salvation Bracelets

Make bracelets with meaning!  These Salvation Bracelets are easily made with Pony Beads and Elastic Cord.  Bracelets are one size fits all!  Perfect for Vacation Bible School, Children’s Ministry, and Overseas Missions.   Bracelet donations are needed for missions.  See below for more information.  Also, check out the meaning of a Salvation Bracelet and what each colors represents!

Salvation Pony Bead Bracelet

 Supplies Needed:

Salvation Bracelet Pony Bead Supplies
Black Opaque Pony Beads
Red Opaque Pony Beads
White Opaque Pony Beads
Yellow Opaque Pony Beads
Green Opaque Pony Beads
Black or Royal Blue Elastic Cord

Directions for Making Salvation Bracelets:

1)  Cut a 10″ piece of Elastic Cord.  Use any color of elastic you would like.  Black doesn’t show dirt and wears well.  However, Royal Blue can be used to signify “water” for Baptism.Cut black elastic for bracelet

2)  Tie a loose knot about 1 1/2″ from one end of the elastic cord.  Make piles of 5* beads ea) Black, Red, White, Green, and Yellow.  *To make larger (adult) bracelets, cut elastic cord to 12″ and use 6 beads of each color .Tie loose knot at end of black elastic cord

 3)  Begin by stringing the 5) Black Pony Beads.

String 5 black pony beads onto elastic cord.

4)  Next, string 5) Red Pony Beads.

String 5 red pony beads after black beads.

5)  Add 5) White Pony Beads next.

String white pony beads on bracelet after red.

6)  Next, string 5) Green Pony Beads.

Salvation Bracelet add green pony beads

 7)  Finally, add 5) Yellow Pony Beads.Salvation Bracelet add yellow pony beads

 8)  Make another loose knot on the end by the yellow beads.salvation bracelet with knot tied by yellow beads

 9)  Once ends are secure, tie bracelet together.

Salvation Bracelet with tied elastic cord

 10)  Instead of cutting the extra cord, simply pull beads back and tuck ends of cord under the beads!Salvation brracelet with pony beads and elastic cord

Salvation Pony Bead Kit (Make 288 bracelets) – BUY NOW


Salvation Bracelet Color Meaning:

Black:  represents “sin”.  Sin separates us from God.   Romans 3:23 and 6:23

Red:  represents “the blood of Christ”.  Jesus shed his blood on the cross to pay for our sin.  Romans 5:8 and 1 Peter 3:18.

White:  represents “clean and pure”.  When we accept Jesus and turn from our sins, our hearts are made clean and pure.  John 1:12 and Romans 10:9

Greenrepresents “growth”.  Once we accept Jesus, we need to grow in prayer, bible reading, and fellowship.  Matthew 18:20 and John 1:7

Yellow/Gold:  represents “heaven”.  God has prepared a place for us in Heaven.  John 14:2-3

Royal Blue Elastic Cord:  used to represent the water for Baptism.


Bracelet Donations Needed!  This is a Great Youth Group Project!  Jesus Film Harvest Partners is in need of 1000’s of finished Salvation Bracelets.  They send the bracelets with missionaries all around the world to explain the gospel message.

Send Finished Salvation Bracelets to:  
Jesus Film Harvest Partners
Attn: John Cunningham
15055 W 116th Street
Olathe, KS  66062

BUY NOW – Salvation Pony Bead Kit with everything needed to make 288 bracelets!

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  1. Kathy Jay
    Kathy Jay says:

    What a great idea. I believe there is a typo. One of the verses for green should be 1 John 1:7 not John 1:7. It makes more sense for the context. Otherwise the simple explanations are very good.

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