add smile with black sharpie marker

Minion Decorations

These adorable Minions are perfect for Christmas Ornaments, Easter (as Minion Eggs), or your next Minion Party!  Can be made into necklaces that kids can wear or hang these as party decorations.  All it takes is Yellow Oval Shapes (made from craft foam), Large Wiggle Eyes, Black Ribbon, Glue Dots & Lines, and a Black Sharpie Marker.  There is no drying time necessary making this is the perfect make and take craft for your next holiday party or craft day!

easy minion necklaces... great party idea

 Making these Minion decorations/necklaces takes only minutes.  Let’s get started!  Using a 1/8″ Single Hole Punch, punch holes at the top of each yellow oval shape.

hole punch yellow oval easter eggs for hanging

  Next, attach “Continuous” Glue Lines across the Small Yellow Oval Foam Shape (just above the center).  The Glue Line will hold the ribbon in place without any messy glue or drying time.  Simply cut the Glue Line at the edge of the yellow oval.

add glue lines to yellow ovals to attach ribbon

Peel the clear plastic cover off to expose the Glue Line (double-sided glue).  Now its time to attach a 2 3/4″ piece of 1/4″ Black Satin Ribbon to the Glue Line which makes the “goggle strap”.  Then, trim the ribbon close to each edge of the yellow oval.  Suggestion:  if making for a party or group event we recommend cutting 2 3/4″ strips of black ribbon ahead of time.

add ribbon to yellow eggs add black ribbon to yellow egg with glue lines Now for the Wiggle Eyes!  Our large 20mm Wiggle Eyes are not sticky back, therefore, we recommend using a 1/2″ Craft Glue Dot to simply peel and stick the wiggle eyes to the ribbon & foam.  Attach either 1 or 2 eyes to the Ribbon “goggle strap”.

add large wiggle eye to yellow egg for minion eggs

 Once the wiggle eyes are attached, add the ribbon to make it into a necklace or for hanging.  For a Minion Necklace, cut a 30″ piece of ribbon.  To hang on a tree branch or use as a Minion party decoration, cut a 12″ piece of 1/8″ Black Satin Ribbon.  Fold ribbon in half and feed the loop through hole at the top of the yellow oval.  Then, feed the 2 ribbon ends back through the loop to secure to the oval shape.  Tie ends and these are almost ready to hang…  just missing a little Minion smile.

minion easter eggs for hanging party decorations

Lastly, draw small smiley faces on the yellow oval shapes.  Black Fine Point Sharpie Markers work well.  Be careful not to touch the ink until it dries (just a few seconds).

add smile with black sharpie marker

These Minion Necklaces make a great craft and party favor.  Kids will enjoy making and wearing these.  Best of all they cost less than .50 cents each to make!

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Minion Easter Eggs Supplies Needed

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