how to make yellow visors for minion party

Yellow Visors for Minion Party

We finally came up with a visor that is perfect for your next Minion party!   What makes these so perfect is the simple eye stickers and plastic goggles.  Not to mention the black electrical tape for the goggle straps…  The visors are one size fits all and there is no glue required for assembly.    Use these yellow visors instead of party hats at your next event.  They are sure to be a hit!

crafts for minion party

Let’s get started!  We had the hardest time figuring out a way to make affordable goggles.  Then we discovered our clear lids that fit perfectly over the “foam eye” stickers.  There is actually no glue required for this visor craft.  The eyes are stickers and the black strap is made with electrical tape.  The clear “goggles” fit perfectly over the eye stickers and are snug enough to stay in place without glue.  For a stronger hold, you can line the lids with clear E6000 and allow to dry.  However, we found that pressing the lids over the stickers seem to do the trick!  Of course, you can make a one eye or two eye visor.

Directions for Making Yellow Visors:

1.  Remove the coil from one side of the yellow visor.  This will allow the visor to lay flat on your work surface and make attaching the eyes and black electrical tape much easier.  The coil is easy to attach once everything has been added to the visor.

yellow foam visors with coil strap

2.  Run a strip of Black Electrical Tape across the front of the yellow visor.  This will be the strap of the goggles so it should be placed close to the middle of the visor.  It takes about 10″ per visor if you tuck the ends under the visor (shown below).

add black electrical tape to foam visors for strap

3.  Attach 2) White Foam Stickers for the eyes to the center of the “strap”.  If making a minion with only 1 eye, center the white foam sticker on the electrical tape.   Since these circles are stickers, just peel and stick!  Important:  If using 2 eyes, make sure to place the white circles as close together as possible (they need to be touching in order to look good when the goggles are attached).

white circles stickers for eyes

4.  Attach a Brown Circle Shape on top of the White Circle Stickers and then a Small Black Circle Sticker on top of the Brown Circle.

add foam stickers for minion eyes

5.  Now it is time to attach the “goggles”.  Simply press them over the white part of the eyes.  Press to secure.  Optional:  line the edges with E6000 and allow to dry.

add goggles to eyes on minion visor

Optional:add e6000 to plastic goggles

6.  Re-attach the visor coil to the side and enjoy!  Use these visors in place of party hats at your next event.  They will be a hit with all ages.  Best of all you made them with little effort!

how to make yellow visors for minion party

We have a kit with all the supplies needed to make 6 visors!  Click here for details

Here is a list of Supplies Needed:

  • Yellow Visor Kit (Makes 6)
  • Yellow Visors
  • White Circle Stickers
  • 1″ Brown Circles
  • Small Black Circle Stickers
  • Black Electrical Tape
  • Clear Lids for Goggles
  • Optional:  E6000

Find all these supplies HERE


Hope this post inspires you to try a new craft at your next party!  We sure had fun making them here…  Can’t believe how simple and cute they turned out.   Please tell us what you think.  Leave a comment below or visit us on facebook.



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